kawasaki FB460V Carburetor Rebuild

https://goo.gl/mWmvvJ Go to this link to buy your tune up parts for this engine. In this video I take the time to clean out the carburetor on my Kawasaki FB460V engine. Disclaimer:
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32 thoughts on “kawasaki FB460V Carburetor Rebuild

  1. My 42in exmark was running horrible. I watched your video and fixed it right up. Took me about an hour to remove carb clean out with carb clean spray and air. Started after three pulls. Now it starts first pull and runs like new. Thank you for the help and prayers for your family.

  2. Great video. I feel like a lot of these issues with small engines and the gunked up carbs is largely due to the levels of ethanol in our fuel. The oil industry conspired with the gov to include 10-15% of ethanol in our "blended fuel". This bit of ethanol of course dilutes the fuel you pay for, gives you worse economy and wreaks havoc on small engines and carburetors. I would highly recommend folks find a pump that sells ethanol free fuel or remove the ethanol yourself. Look up the method on youtube, its very easy to do and there are a lot of examples available on youtube. It's truly a shame that the gov would pay more to framers to grow more corn to use in ethanol despite them knowing that it pollutes more and causes fuel system damage.

  3. A little tip on these kind of Kawasaki carburetors; the float and needle valve from a Briggs push mower (with the float type carb) will fit into these and work perfect if you happen to need  one. The float will need just a very little shaved off with a razor knife where it fits in between the two pedestals that hold the float. If you go buy a Kawasaki float they are around $30 and the needle valve is $15 or so.

  4. Thank You for the video, my Xmark with this motor would start but choke down like it was out of gas or had water in the gas. I watched your video within a few minutes found my problem, the choke was closed , I opened it with my finger and lubricated it. Runs like a champ!

  5. Loved this video and watched it many times to learn about my carburetor on my machine.  I cleaned the heck out of my carb just as you did but had no luck with hard starting problem so I bought a new carb and still having problems.  The only way I can start my mower is with starting fluid.  
    What confuses me is that when the machine is in the "choke" position, both of the butterfly valves inside the carb are in the closed position. Is this right?  This seems very peculiar to me as I don't understand how the gas can ever get to the spark plug when both valves are closed?  I am an amateur do-it-your-selfer so any advice you can provide would be appreciated.  Also, prayers that your boy is doing fine.

  6. I have an FC420v and cleaned my carb thoroughly — that one screw you tried to turn and just pulled out? Mine is the same and has a retaining clip on it — there isn't an adjustment on this, correct? You just put it back in?  Only adjustment I see is the fuel/air screw that I turned out 1 1/4 turns. Have a Deere 175 and it now starts fine but stutters — is that the only adjustment screw? Just that one? 

  7. God Bless you and your Family.
    very helpful in cleaning jets on my FB460v, HOWEVER i will need a float volve (torpedo shape) and an air filter. the link didnt conect to a parts store that had the parts. any sugestions?  Thank and good luck Bobby

  8. That breather look like the one on my John Deere Z-445 zero turn mower. I assume the carburetor is about the same also. I am afraid that I will have to take it off and clean it since the mower only runs when you put fuel in the carburetor then stops when the fuel is burned up.

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