12 thoughts on “Kohler Command 15HP internal governor repair

  1. My Governor finally went after 20 years on the same engine. It  is on a 36 " walk behind Bobcat Mower. I had a John Deere place fix it but then it go over revved and I just too it apart. Found the missing piece in with the oil.  I bought these Long needle nose pliers awhile back and I didn't need them for this job but if I did they come in handy

  2. Thanks for a good video. I'll assume that was the problem and am hoping I'll find a similar easy fix in my Tecumseh engine. Still laughing at the monkey finding the termite skip time.

  3. If you mean the actual case half of the engine I showed where you put the drive end of a 3/8" ratchet in between two lugs sticking out of the aluminum then you turn the ratchet and it breaks it loose.After that just keep working it and it will come off.Don't put a screwdriver between the case halves or you'll never get it to seal when you put it back together.

  4. how did ya get the cover off when it was stuck on the shaft? ya skipped it. im at that spot and dont want to crack the housing and thanks

  5. I was considering removing the governor and making it a straight throttle but the customer didn't want that. I'm glad for that since I got to learn about this engine a bit. This was the only one I've had time with though and it's back at his house. I'd be happy to make a vid like that but I don't have one around to do it with.If you search "fearlessfront" and "mudding tractors" though I'm sure he can tell you how to do it. He's really into modding tractors. He might even have a vid up about it.

  6. Have you ever remove the governor on this engine? I am considering using one for a racing motor. I was told that you do not bypass the governor but remove it if possible. Would you please consider making a video of a a governor removal?

  7. I'm pretty sure it was the only one that deals with the internals. If I can't find it on here and I get the chance I make a video.

    Hope I could help, and thanks for watching!

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