7 thoughts on “Kohler Command 25hp Carburetor cleaning troubleshooting repair

  1. Thanks for the video! I just cleaned my first carb today. Kohler Command 26. Forgot where a few things went, your video helped me figure it out. Thanks!

  2. Hi Individualized repair. Great video. I have a 25 HP Kohler on a 1999 Carftsman rider. I could not get it to run last summer (2017) without spraying gas directly into the carb. I watched your video and took my carb off…after checking to see if I could hear the click of the solenoid….which I could not.

    The solenoid was jambed tight with dried gunk and lacquer from the gas. Cleaned it and the carburetor and put back together. It fired right off and ran the best it has in over 10 years.

    Thank you very much!! I suspect my weedeater has some of the same problems and will tackle that next and see if I can get it running smoother.

    Keep making videos.

    Mike McCann – Nebraska

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