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  1. I know a lot of people complain about these, but they're great engines! It's like anything else, if you don't take care of it, it's not going to last, and chances are you'll split the block open on one of these as with any engine, we've got over 600 hours on ours! Now how do you think we've gotten this far? The oil has been changed every 50 hours from the time it was broken in as per the manual's very specific instructions, we run Pennzoil SAE 30 in it & Wix Oil Filters & not some cheap Wal-Mart knock off, it had Valvoline 10W30 (still a great oil) run through it for the first 40 hours (factory fill was changed at 10 hours, which I believe was 10W30 as well, so it was the same viscosity that was going back into it) and we ran Pennzoil SAE 30 through it only after it was sufficiently used & broken in, so not to strip the rings down by switching grades of oil too fast, which I see a lot of people doing which causes piston compression decrease & damage to rings, the first owner was my grandfather, who already had a very small yard, so it was perfect for him, he only paid 1,200 dollars for it & for the lot size he had, it was a perfect deal, sure a 46" deck was overkill for that small yard, but it got the job done & because it has a hydrostatic transmission, he was able to really creep around the house with it, it's a 2010 model Huskee LT4600 which we got in 2013, it only had over 250 hours on it & the oil filters that he ran on it were Lucas, he really took great care of his equipment & he really loved mowing the lawn, especially with that lawn tractor because of the hydrostatic transmission, the only reason he gave it to us was because he wanted to downsize & find something a little bit smaller like a 38", initially I think we was looking for a 42", but then he found a used John Deere LT150 later that same year which he got for 500 bucks from a used mower dealer & he did the same thing with it, he took care of it as if he did anything else, unfortunately that engine had already had ring damage from neglect, causing oil consumption, he even told us that it burned some oil, but we didn't know it was that bad until we got it after he died & it burned at least a quart after only an hours mow with it, to this day it burns oil, but now it's only 10 ounces, it's amazing what happens when you take care of something! Now, one thing about it is, it does alter the color, it's black right now from scorching, but it still lubricates, so we change it every 50 hours just like everything else & it seems to do fine with it & also we are continually adding fresh oil to it to make up the oil it lost, keeping it cleaner, longer!

  2. Any suggestions here? I'm having the exact same problem. Runs fine at idle but you give at any bit of throttle and then it starts surging. I can see the linkage and can tell the governor is hunting. Going to try some carb cleaner but is there anything else I should look at?

  3. Little late to the party, but they put fixed jet carbs on those, it's a series of venturi holes that open with throttle position, If one of the open throttle holes get clogged, it will screw up the A/F mixture, which will bog the motor down, then the governor tries to catch itself by opening up the throttle again, thus causing the pulsing. Also a bad mix on the low rpm adjustment can cause that same problem, the wire on the bottom of the carb isn't a metering rod controlled by electric, as I thought it was, it's just a 12v fuel cut off switch for the carb bowl. Oh as far as the low RPM adjustment, it's the only screw on the carb, near where the carb mates to the intake, usually assessable through the air cleaner cover. It's good ideal to measure your length, take it out, (be careful it's a metering rod with a spring) and blow out the idle air venturi hole, and put it back in taking note of your measurement.

  4. Same engine here, too, on a Troy-bilt Horse. My challenge is that I live in the country and have about an acre of land to mow, including weeds under oak trees. VERY dusty conditions, and the carburetor is frequently getting clogged up, despite frequent filter changes.

    There are lots of eBay sellers offering third-party carbs that get good reviews. $30 as opposed to $150 for a genuine Kohler carb. I'm getting one because it's easier to swap out the carb instead of disassembling and cleaning. This way, I can disassemble the old carburetor and rebuild it at my leisure, and just swap them out again when it's time.

    This probably isn't necessary under more typical mowing conditions, but I figured I'd throw this out there in case someone else mows in dusty conditions.

  5. mine does this at low speed idle. mice used the carb as a toilet one winter, corroded the carb so bad. been cleaned twice in sonic cleaner and a rebuild kit. no change. over $200 for a new carb for that POS kohler. i use it as it and run it on medium to high speed.

  6. lol, mine is doing the opposite, runs great at full throttle…does this at anything lower. Guess I'll be ripping the carb off.

  7. grab a new fuel pump get the new part that pulls gas out of the tank and it should be fine its a gas issue its running a little bit lean

  8. I purchased a 2011 TroyBilt Pony with a 17.5 briggs doing the same thing.  Mine starts fine also.  although there is a difference mine won't hardly run at low idle  I am guessing it may be the carb as well on mine.  Even though it runs rough didn't think I could go wrong for a $100

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