Kohler Courage Starter Problems/ Slippage trick that works

In this video I show a really nice method of how you can fix a slipping starter pinion on a Kohler Courage engine. It works very well but keep in mind if there is deep cuts in the friction material you may still have slippage. But since the starters cost on average 80 dollars this could be a great way to fix your mower to get you by intel you have the chance or money to get a new starter as there are no service parts for these starters.



15 thoughts on “Kohler Courage Starter Problems/ Slippage trick that works

  1. Good stuff Kevin, I just bought a used tractor with this starter and it was giving me grief so I removed it.Turns out the helical grooves were jammed up with old lubricant and dirt so the drive disk wouldn't release. Once I use your remove and reassembly info for the friction disk assembly I should be golden, thanks.

  2. I went ahead and ordered a new starter drive for my 20 hp Magnum. Even brand new, the metal gear piece that spins up and into the rubber piece with the teeth is just plain smooth steel too. Piss poor design. I am going to grind little grooves into it with a cut off disk before I put it on. The one I coated with the rubberized undercoating is still working for now.

  3. This does work some but I have also had better results with rubberized undercoating. Same brand. They are very similar products.
    This is just a bad design.
    Problem is usually you will have no rubber friction material left. It will be powdered and gone.
    I have used a large about one inch diameter grommet from the hardware store pull out trays. Slide it right over the top of the collar on the bottom of the gear and then spray with some undercoating and let dry over night. Works like a charm. Often longer than new one.

  4. I had better luck using rubberized undercoating. The Rustoleum bedliner was more like paint, even after I shook it and shook it. Next time I am going to try to glue some rubber to it. But very good idea.

  5. I tried this and it worked great (for now). Also helps to have both the drive plate and the rubber friction disc absolutely clean and free from any oil or grease. I used some undercoating from Harbor Freight.

  6. This friction material is just rubber glued to the starter engagement gear. Instead of using a solenoid to shove the gear into the flywheel, they are using a spiral gear, what he calls the helix, to both engage and disengage the gear and that rubber to act as a clutch. Cheaper to manufacture than a solenoid but will not withstand the pressure. When that rubber breaks of, it starts breaking teeth off the flywheel.

  7. Just take some pliers and pull the cap off. It snaps off and snaps back on and is really not necessary for starter to function. These Kohler Engines are a very poor design and most people are having trouble with them. The starter is an example. It has a rubber material glued to the starter flywheel engagement gear. This acts as a sort of clutch but the rubber will too soon deteriorate and brake off. It just cannot take the pressure and torque. Unfortunately, when you hear the starter make a different sound when starting, the engine will still start and run just fine but you should no longer try to start the engine as the starter will then start breaking cogs off your flywheel. Flywheels are expensive. Another issue with Kohler engines is the new type ignition coils. Kohler is selling a kit to replace both coils on twin cylinder engines. It replaces these bad design coils with simpler coils that have a spark plug cable and kill switch grounding terminal and that is all. There are many other issues with Kohler engines. Check online and you will find them.

  8. How do you get the cap, seems like plastic, off of the original starter?  Also, the teeth have really wallered into the friction material.  I'm thinking I'll have to replace the friction material but I need to get the old one apart and don't know how to get that plastic piece off to get to it.

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