2 thoughts on “Kohler Engine Big Block eBay Rebuild Kit Overview For Magnum K-Series VinsRJ Garden Tractor

  1. Thanks for the review! Doesn't seem too bad if all you have to do is buy kohler rings and points etc. I hope you have better luck with you plastic pump than with all the junk pumps I've tried. Tried 3 different brand plastic pumps on a magnum 14 and they all quit working within a month so I went the electric fuel pump route and that fixed my problem.

  2. hello Vin !! glad you did this , beleave it or not I just ordered a kit last night !! I haven't gotten mine yet but it looks like it may be the same one I ordered only for a k341,
    the seller is claiming all the parts are sorced threw Stens from what I can see in the pictures the valves are different !
    so I looked up Stens valves and they are different on the ends ! I am not saying thous both are Stens valves but they do make two different style valves for some reason ?

    also are you sure the rings where wrong or just not the old style ???
    would you happen to know if all the new style ring sets , are like the ones that came in the sandwich bag ???
    I am not trying to argue with you or be a heckler but I also looked up Stens ring sets and it looks like in the new style sets the first and second ring are the same ! ( both compression rings )

    I am not going to worry about the valves , but your over view of the rings has me a little worried !
    this is the first engine I've ever personally completely rebuilt and any further advice would be welcome !!
    hope to hear back from you , take care !

    OK never mind I've just found out that some style pistons use two compression rings and no scraper !
    you did notice a difference with the piston my guess would be that it's supposed to have the two compression rings?

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