KOHLER Governor Adjustment Kohler V-Twin Step by Step Easy Fix

Kohler Governor adjustment step by step . Show you how to adjust Kohler Governor. The Governor helps your engine respond to loads and keeps engine from over speeding. Follow these instruction to adjust and mechanical Governor.
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14 thoughts on “KOHLER Governor Adjustment Kohler V-Twin Step by Step Easy Fix

  1. Why people tell us to adjust "Clockwise"? Our Engine is surging like crazy, my Dad is doing "Clockwise" and the Engine surges like crazy, but he refuses to adjust the way you showed in the video. Can you help him out please? THANK YOU !!!

  2. Very helpful. What RPM should a CV740 Kohler be at for MAX throttle
    & no load? The K71 transaxle states 3400rpm, but shouldn't the
    engine be a little higher than that at no load (in neutral & mower
    deck idle)? Thanx.

  3. Hey, I don’t know if you can help but our Kohler ch395 engine will not stay running We can get it to start but as soon as we let off the throttle it dies we did a full service on in and cleaned the carburetor and it’s still dies in your opinion what do you think would cause that? And when we run it at full throttle it only goes half the speed it’s supposed to go. I don’t know if you can help but that would be much appreciated Thank You.

  4. i have a kohler on my badboy with only 80 hours and all of a sudden it lost power and rpms while mowing taller grass..still runs but tries to die when engaging blades, hills ect..engine is also not smooth sounding..tried everything..new gas ,carb ,plugs, oil, air filter and so on..i can push the governor up when running and the rpms sky rocket…you think mayb my gov is out of wake?…rpms i believe were around 3450 to 3600 b4..now around 3000 to 3240..thx

  5. How do you know where to set the cable itself . How much should it stretch the spring at full throttle .I have done the lever to shaft Governor adjustment ,cant get the throttle speed correct ,any help appreciated.Thanks its close but don't want to over rev it

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