18 thoughts on “Kohler K241 rebuild 1

  1. @austinboy85 you have some options here, firstly you should always tear your engine apart and get it checked out by either yourself or a machine shop, so you know what oversized pistons and undersized rod. then you can try ebay (usually best option) my neighbour is a small engine mechanic so he gets me my parts. stens/rotary but I think you need to have an account with them.

  2. @mark16443 hmmm, I never encountered that. it could possibly be something from someone else when they tore it apart. I know if it hasnt been touched it should read .std. give a search on google a try.
    if not, you can get the spec sheet for your engine and just mic the bore 🙂 any machinist would probably help you on this.

  3. Where are the timing marks? Mine is getting hot and timing is one of the last things I need to check but unsure where the flywheel is.

  4. take off the breather cover on the side of your engine, under the carburetor. it should be held on by one nut. when you take the cover off there will be some thin sheet metal and some filter material (this is your breather) make sure you remember how it came out so you can put it back in. then after thats out you will see the valves. you need a compression tool to take off the split valve retainers then the spring will come out and the valve will pull out. remember which is exhaust and intake.

  5. flywheel is keyed, then the gears on the inside should have a punch mark or arrow sometimes. match them up.
    flywheel is the big cast iron circle with the fan. cant miss it.

  6. if the engine is locked up your piston/rings may have gulled and imbedded themselves with the cylinder. same situation with the crank and connecting rod, or the main bearings seized (unlikely on these motors) or the oil slinger broke and bound with the gears. to many variables you will need to open the motor it should be evident.

  7. Thanks! Found it and the marks before winter. Having a fun time trying to sand the marks so I can read them all while through a 3/8 hole on the housing lol.

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