Kohler kt17 Rebuild Part 9: Rings, Pistons and Valves

Part 9 of my series rebuilding my Kohler KT17.



2 thoughts on “Kohler kt17 Rebuild Part 9: Rings, Pistons and Valves

  1. Thanks for the comment, and I'm glad you're enjoying the video's! I bought all of my parts off of Ebay, but I didn't buy one of the inexpensive aftermarket kits. I looked up all of the part numbers on Kohler's website, and then bought them off of Ebay because it was cheaper. I was lucky, I only needed a gasket set and rings. The gasket set was $100 and the rings sets were $50 per piston. I figured the original Kohler parts lasted for over 30 years and 1800 hours, so I spent the extra money. Good luck with yours!

  2. I am a disabled veteran, and I have pretty much picked up a hobby in Gravely's. I thoroughly am enjoying these videos. I recently purchased a KT17 that needs to be rebuilt. It runs good, but it is burning oil. I found your videos by accident, and so thankful that I did. A lot of Gravely enthusiasts are going with re-powering the KT tractors with Honda's or Honda clones, because parts are getting hard to get for these KT engines. But, I really like Kohler, so I'm gonna attempt to rebuilt my KT17. I have seen some rebuild kits on Ebay. Where did you buy your rebuild kit?

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