14 thoughts on “Kohler Rebuild part 1

  1. Damn man!! Looks like a new carb! Great job. Hopefully that float will still work, but I think it may cause some problems with fuel level. Hopefully not though buddy!

  2. hey what happened to the stationary engine rebuild and that old seized briggs?? have i missed the videos or are they still being worked on

  3. wow that carb looks good, me and my grandpa had to rebuild a carb on a snapper pushmower it was in really bad shape, we had never seen a carb so dirty but we got it goin

  4. Hey Smoott, just curious, but does that bowl float crushing problem happen with larger carbs too? Say, a carb on a truck or car?

  5. you did a good job on that carb it looked like new at the end.
    I never knew thats what happened to float bowls when the water in the carb freezes, just goes to show you never stop learning.

  6. @dawg1157 im not sure. i suppose its possible. i have only seen it a couple times on smaller engines such as this one that sit outside and can fill with water on a regular basis.

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