Kohler Small Engine Fuel Pump Replacement #2439316-S

This video provides step-by-step repair instructions for replacing the fuel pump on a Kohler small engine (which is commonly found in riding lawn mowers, riding tractors, zero-turn radius mowers, and commercial walk-behind mowers). The most common reasons for replacing the fuel pump are when the engine is hard to start, won’t start, or leaks gas.

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All of the information for this fuel pump replacement video is applicable to the following brands:
Kohler, Toro, Exmark

Tools needed: locking pliers, socket wrench, pliers

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8 thoughts on “Kohler Small Engine Fuel Pump Replacement #2439316-S

  1. i have a22.5 KOHLER engine on my lawn tractor , i have oil squirting from the vent on the fuel pump , have replaced fuel pump , still same problem .??

  2. I would first check the breather on the crankcase and make sure it is not plugged. Somehow you are getting too much pressure in the crankcase and oil is getting in the pulse tube for the fuel pump. You also could have a bad head gasket between the valves and the cylinder. With the compression released you should have about 70 -80 lbs. of pressure. Hope this helps.

  3. i have a jd k241 10 hp can i bypass the fuel pump if i reroute the gas tank or does it need psi will it still run without the fuel pump. thank,s

  4. I have a Toro zero turn with a fuel pump just like this. Its not so easy to get pliers in there because the side fuel tank is in the way. I bought it in Aug. It has 2.7 hrs on it and won't start now. If it won't fire shouldn't I smell gas when cranking it for a few seconds? I disconnected the outlet hose from the pump and no gas came out. I cranked it about 4 seconds with a paper cup under the outlet. I only saw about 2 little spurts come out barely bigger than droplets. Almost no gas was in the cup. I think I would expect more gas to be flowing out of the pump than this. Do u think the pump us bad?

  5. Oh, so this is how this works. The fuel pump looks like its sitting away from the engine with 3 bolts holding it on. It looked to be a diaphragm type, but I couldn't see any shaft of any kind coming from the engine to operate it. I see now it works off of crankcase vacuum.

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