Kohler Small Engine Starter Replacement, Repair #12 098 22-S

This video provides step-by-step repair instructions for replacing the starter on a Kohler small engine (which is commonly found in riding lawn mowers, riding tractors, zero-turn radius mowers, and commercial walk-behind mowers). The most common reason for replacing the starter is when the engine won’t start.

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All of the information for this small engine starter replacement video is applicable to the following brands:
Kohler, Toro, John Deere

Tools needed: socket wrench

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9 thoughts on “Kohler Small Engine Starter Replacement, Repair #12 098 22-S

  1. Not trying to "nit-pick" but I was always told to put the ground cable on first, THEN the positive cable. That way you don't have possible power to the circuit and then ground out the negative on the chassis or somewhere it isn't supposed to ground to.

  2. I just installed my new starter and everything went well. The engine turned on right away and I began driving the tractor. About a minute later, the engine shut off on its own. When I went to turn the key, nothing happened. No sound, no nothing. What could be wrong now?????

  3. +Jim Richard Depending on the model you may have a seat switch that went bad or a wire shorted etc. and blew the fuse. When you turn the key the positive side of the battery is sent to the coil on the starter solenoid. The other side of the coil goes to the frame which is the negative side of the battery. You should have 12 volts DC across the coil when the key is turned and the brake petal is pushed down depending on the model. 

  4. my mower has a remote solenoid like this one does. any idea where it'd be located? it's not in the engine bay. the wire disappears into the loom and no clue where it goes

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