Kohler – Toro Lawn Mower Repair – Wont Start – Carburetor Service 149cc

Walk behind Lawn Mower Repair – Kohler – Toro – Wont Start – Carburetor Service
Removal, disassembly, service and re-assembly of the carburetor on the Kohler 149cc 6.75 ft lb torque engine. This unit also utilizes an automatic choke. This video is courtesy of and this service is also available at The Alameda Repair Shop 2436 Webb Ave. Alameda, CA



40 thoughts on “Kohler – Toro Lawn Mower Repair – Wont Start – Carburetor Service 149cc

  1. Staring at this guaranteed to start sticker with the middle finger out on both hands. Hate the first mow of spring. Nothing is ever easy

  2. This was a very helpful reference for me as I went through the process of cleaning a carburetor for the first time. Thank you for taking the time to record this video. Much appreciated.

  3. For future reference, when you're working with that auto chock assembly / disassembly it would be great if you had a different camera angle because all we can see is your hands while you're saying, "this goes here and that goes there."

  4. What a great video. Straight and to the point, which is dead on. Thanks for saving people tons of money across the globe!

  5. Thanks again for this video. Seems I use it at the beginning of every mowing season. Other complicating problems: 1. I've had to replace my gas tank because the original one had the misshapen cap that let gas leak and now the new one doesn't have a vent, so I'm always concerned fuel won't flow freely. 2. The amount of trash getting to the carb is really bad, so I added an inline fuel filter to my line, hoping it would help. That also can restrict the flow. 3. That part where you use the wire to clean those two little holes? Only one of mine goes anywhere. The other is a dead end. The wire won't go up in it in any direction. I'm wondering if they assembled it wrong.

    Regardless, you got me up and running for another season. Thanks a bunch!

  6. hey thanks for the info, but: take a fucking walk once a week. you're out of breath loosening a 10mm on a lawn mower. Jesus tits. quit smoking or something guy, or you're not gonna last any longer than a tecumseh. damn.

  7. May 7, 2017…….thank you….I had the exact same mower and problem. About 1 hour with this guy's tips and my mower started on the first pull afterwards! Thanks.

  8. Thank you sir. I just got mine going again after almost 2 years of storage. The jet was so clogged I had a hard time pushing a piece of wire through it!

  9. Excellent guide. I am 98% done cleaning my carb. However, on the idle screw assembly, the lower o-ring is torn. Any idea what size it is? I can't seem to find this reference anywhere.

  10. I have the same carb cleaned it completely several times and it runs good but every 20 seconds it has a slight misfire. I tried a brand new carb and it runs perfect. Just curious what would cause it..Now going back to clean the little holes you showed me. I hope thats the issue.

  11. Just wanted to say thanks so much for this. Against all odds I was able to remove, clean, and put the carburetor back on my lawnmower and get my lawn mowed today.

  12. Thank you so much for doing such a thorough walkthrough with the assembly, I'm not mechanically inclined in the least but I was able to follow along with your instructions very easily. Your video saved me a lot of money and frustration, thanks again!

  13. 149 CC only equals 4.5 HP……190 CC = 7.25 HP¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† but not really¬†……¬† the supposedly¬† horse power¬†¬† rating on these mowers are not horse power ,it's the torque…..¬† Just so you know that the manufacturer likes to fool people………..and it works !!

  14. Thanks for the video, it helped get the job done quickly. Someone might have mentioned this in the 400 other comments, but in case they haven't. If your "emulsifier tube" is stuck after removing the main jet. You can see the other end of it by looking through the carb throat. The 1/10 inch tall brass piece on the bottom is it. If you press on the little brass piece that will start the tube coming out. Mine still would not drop out after pressing the 1/10 inch. I then had to pass a wire up from the bottom and through the hole in the tube. I reached into the carb throat with a pair of needle nose and bent the end of the wire. That allowed me to pull the tube the rest of the way out. Hope this helps if yours is that gummed up too.

  15. where did you get the tool to remove the jet? I used a flat head screw driver and the head came out but not the jet, any thoughts?

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