Lawn-Boy Lawnmower Carburetor Throttle Control Repair

In this video I show you how to replace a broken carburetor throttle lever on a 2 cycle Lawn-Boy lawnmower.
The symptoms of a broken lever are that you will not be able to throttle up or down your lawnmower engine speed.

Lever Part #93-1225
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45 thoughts on “Lawn-Boy Lawnmower Carburetor Throttle Control Repair

  1. Quick question. What would I use to clean the small metal filter screens in zana carbs. They are plugged with varnish from ethonal fuel. Thank you

  2. Very very well done. You did a great explanation, keep doing your videos this way know you have a career in 'how to' video making. No, I'm not joking, this is exactly what I needed to see. THANK YOU!!!

  3. I use genuine lawnboy 2 cycle oil, its the best, it has stabilizer already in it. My Sears weed wacker wouldn't run but when I tried my mower gas mixed with lawnboy oil, wow it starts easy. The mixture is different but my arm was sore and the weed wacker was happy! The old guy at Ace Hardware gave me a bunch of bologna that the various brands of 2 cycle oil are all the same. I told him no thanks, I'll drive across town to another Ace that carried genuine Lawn Boy oil.

  4. Dony great video. I have the same set up but when I slide that plastic piece back and forth nothing happens. It just idles at a very high speed. Could the spring that attaches need tweaking or replacement? Thank you.

  5. Oh, mine doesn't have the plastic hickie inside the air cleaner assembly. Wonder how necessary that is? Running okay, just here to learn more. Good vid so far—well okay I've done all that. Looking for adjustment info on the air vane.

  6. That was pretty quick and easy! I have a old craftsman that has a stuck throttle body. Is there any way to just remove it and make it so its full throttle always? I don't mow much and probably have less than 5 hrs on my main one over the last 15 yrs. This one was my grandfathers who needed it gone due to Alzheimer's which made it just to dangerous. Guess its my revenge for disconnecting the throttle cable. It didn't have a air filter for the last 5 yrs also. Thought I should mention that.

  7. I have a Lawnboy SilverPro Model#10324. For some reason, when its idling or not in heavy grass it constantly throttles up and down. Its done this for several years. I changed the spark plug, cleaned the contacts on the electronic ignition, took the carburetor completely apart including the jets and cleaned it with gasoline and compressed air. I checked the throttle cable to make sure it was moving the assembly back and forth. It still throttles up and down. I can hold the governor paddle in a certain position and the engine smooths out but when I let go it moves back and forth. I can't figure out whats causing this.


  8. Good quality videos by this dude. >>> _ donyboy73 <<< . I've used his videos on a previous project which his video helped. And with this one.. thanks again..

  9. I just inherited a lawnmower just like this. I just repaired throttle linkage with the help of this video. Do you have a video on how to clean out the carburetor for general maintenance?

  10. hey @donyboy73 my lawn mower (McCollouch lawnmac 548 18" deck) has a manual throttle leading up to the handle bars and its all to hell it got a bit of oil on it and the spring has stretched beyond belief and gone missing (the one that leads to the govenor arm) and now the only way to rev it up is by hand on the carb and thats not practical or safe becuase theres no govenor regulation if u could help by sending pics or anything that would be amazing cheers u can message me here if u need pics to be abel to help

  11. I really appreciate your videos.
    It has come in handy a few times.I enjoy repairing my neighbours lawn mowers & others.
    I now have a problem that I do not know if you have  covered it.
    I have CRAFTSMAN 21 IN  6.0 EASY START, ( Canadian ) Several years old.
    It always started on the 1st or 2nd pull. I pulled the plug and holding it on the motor there was no spark when I get someone to pull the rope..Yes I wear gloves or you can get one hell of a jolt.
    I guess the coil or whatever it is called needs to be replaced ??.
    Any suggestions?

  12. I loved the video and how easy it is to replace the control plastic piece for the throttle. I have to work on one push more (Murray) which have a problem leaking fuel and believe it is the rubber primer bulb which is the problem, but will check all the lines along with the bulb. I thank you for showing us how to do that and that is the way I learned to do things in the Air Force mainly, but working with someone who showed us how to do it then let us do it on our own.

  13. as always donny.your the King.the best in the west..nobody compares to your video,s  thanks again all the best to you..have a great summer..lawnmower doctor..

  14. i could pretty much rebuild a whole engine with your vids! i have been learning from you since i subscribed in 2010.

  15. Donny, I watched your lawnboy vids……
    I am trying to get my unit going… with no luck….I have cleaned the carb. with carb cleaner, the jets are all clear etc…
    will not start, however, when I put a teaspoon of fuel mix direct into the carb, the unit starts first pull and runs for the few seconds…..What could be the problem be?
    Please reply bud,,,,
    take care…..

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