Lawn Mower Rebuild

I tore this lawnmower completely apart and reassembled it in one afternoon/evening. Plus, after reassembling it it actually ran better! This was my first semi-big project and I’m pretty proud of it.



13 thoughts on “Lawn Mower Rebuild

  1. Hey nice job. I am rebuilding one of the same. I had the cylinder honed,I also did a valve job, oh I did strip the block and sand blasted it and the deck and handle primed and painted. New,points,and rings. The piston was fine. New lines. New cable and pull start rope.

  2. hey do u have advice for wat u did?? i want to try to disassemble and reassemble my lawn mower.. i was planning on completely modeling it on a CAD software lol..

  3. @mujjuman ok i found the website where i can buy it… the manufacturer's site (duh lol). i have removed the cylinder head, the gas tank, etc. but how do i remove the flywheel looking thing on the top? do i just undo that huge nut?

  4. Im 50 + and I still remember the feeling of my first strip and rebuild when I was 13. It was a Ford Zephyr 6 cyl and I stripped it to the last nut and bolt , cleaned it all up and put it back together. Man did I do the happy dance when it fired almost straight away (Scarred the shit of me actually hehee) Well done mate. Keep pulling things apart and putting it back together …its the best way to learn!

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