Lawn Mower REPAIR Auto Choke Briggs and Stratton Sears Craftsman fix engine won’t start spring

Easy Step by Step instructions for fixing the Auto Choke on a Sears Craftsman Lawn Mower with a Briggs and Stratton engine. Air Vane Spring 790849 part cost $2.65. Thermostat 593208 motor won’t start repair honda snapper toro poulan lawn-boy husqvarna john deere cub cadet murray mtd troy built yard machines carb



20 thoughts on “Lawn Mower REPAIR Auto Choke Briggs and Stratton Sears Craftsman fix engine won’t start spring

  1. Thank you. Now I know why the throttle stays closed. I need a spring. Thanks again and God bless you.

  2. Thanks. This is my exact model and it's good to see how it comes apart. You saved me hundreds of dollars. Does the air filter ever need cleaning or replacement?

  3. good video. mine was doing this same thing but the choke arm under the exhaust was stuck close. pulled it all apart and cleaned it all up and it runs and cuts better than brand new

  4. Great video.
    Wish I had found it before venturing out on taking mine apart. Spent all day trying to figure out how to put it back together.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I have an issue when mine would start cold runs fine i shut it off and when tried to start back I'd get black smoke and rough idle and sometimes would not start at all. I I'll have to check into this, thanks for the video

  6. hello, how old is that mower? I'm buying a used one for $100 wondering if its a good deal. If anyone has the model i would appreciate it. Thanks

  7. That 'THING' on your Briggs & Stratton 6.75 is your Auto Choke Wind Vane………………That small spring is your 'Idle Spring' and the second spring with the longer shank is the 'Governor Spring'. Do NOT shorten either spring and or replace them with stiffer springs.

  8. What a Great Idea with the twist tie to keep the spring on.. man That's a Million Dollar Idea..I'd Patent That!!~ as Well as yer making it an Open shooter & bagger!~ Smartman!~ Thanks For making this Video..Very helpful even for us girls..~ {{hugs}]~

  9. The light tension spring holds the choke "closed" when you first turn over the engine and without its tension you wont get any auto choke at all and a no start issue ,,( when the engine is warm the exhaust Engine choke Thermostat holds it fully open this is normal) the auto choke air vane inside the engine cowling counters the springs closing tension once the engine starts and air flows against it opening the choke "part way" against the spring as the engine first starts this allows the necessary richer mixture as it warms up "but" prevents flooding it) the heat activated unit near the exhaust forces the auto choke lever fully open the choke plate quite quickly once the engine warms up and prevents choking a warm engine ,, the light tension spring has a tendency to pop off and disappear so clever in finding a way of better securing it as its disappearance renders the auto choke non functional.

  10. You had me until you removed the mulching door. Sears sells an attachment that keeps the door open and deflects the discharge out and down. Much safer.

  11. if this is a 190cc 7.25 hp can you please send model number as my sticker is gone and i cant order carb parts without model number

  12. you video is a life saver. I noticed my auto choke was not attached either and i've been trying to figure out how to get this mower running for days. ive replaced the carburetor and spark plug and drained the fuel tank and it still wouldn't run. I didn't even know what a choke was lol. this is my first mower as i'm a new how owner. i've cut grass many times before but all the mowers i used had the primer button. other than that they always ran.

  13. Hello if you want a shoot to spit grass out the side purchase a toro brand side cover shoot and mount it to your deck. On the toro door there are two prongs sticking out that hold the direction piece in place. This is a easy install for you. Nice tutorial.

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