Lawn Mower Repair; Briggs and Stratton 550EX /500EX Lawn Mower Not Starting

Briggs and Stratton 550EX Lawn Mower engine on a Yard Machines lawn mower won’t start. 500EX is very similar carburetor, just some differences with the linkage and air box but carburetor is basically the same on the inside. This video shows how to service the carburetor, and the linkage.



27 thoughts on “Lawn Mower Repair; Briggs and Stratton 550EX /500EX Lawn Mower Not Starting

  1. very good video. The only thing I would suggest is before you take the choke and throttle rods off and the carburetor off, it would have been nice to have a before and after still shot of how the linkage looks and works. Sometimes if those plastic pieces accidentally snaps over something, one has no reference point of what is correct or incorrect.

  2. I thought I did everything right, but after I got it all back together and filled the tank. Gas started coming out of the carb and the muffler. Help please, what did I do wrong?

  3. I totally went through my carb inside and out, yet the butterfly choke mechanism won't move freely (like your carb) 😒 Any ideas to free mine up? I sprayed the bejesus out of all moving parts of butterfly with carb cleaner???

  4. can u show how to put the pull cord things back together i found these 2 yellow finger looking things and i can’t figure out where they go

  5. hmm just worked on one of these yet the bowl had to be twisted off as it locks in that way first time seeing one that was and also on the bottom if the bowl that center piece comes off by twisting also.i dislike plastic carbs

  6. Your instructions are amazing–follow it to a tee–I think…..Now there's gas leaking around the carburetor!

  7. My craftsman mover developed stalling problems after I tilted the mover air filter side down (a no-no), I replaced air cleaner, spark plug and oil and mower fired back up and ran fine until I shut it off and now won’t start. Cleaned the carb just as you said (great video) but still won’t start. Question, could the coil have gone bad? Or did I just not clean the carb well enough?

  8. I had been struggling with a mower that wouldnt start; and finally when it did it would die. Im no mechanic. First time working on a mower. Looked at you tubes etc. But YOURS was the simplest to grasp, and took the intimidation out of the carbueretor clean. Yes, it took me about 20-30 minutes and I mowed the yard with it after. The whole experience had me taking apart every system, so I leant from it. THANK YOU

  9. I just bought a similar lawn mower. I didn’t use it all winter and now it won’t start. What caused that? I left gas and oil in it all winter?

  10. I've got basically this same carb on a 3 year old Sears Craftsman mower, except I don't have the "Easy Start", but a red primer bulb and a yellow foam air filter. But that bleepity-bleep gas jet with that tiny hole was the issue — it was completely clogged, and too small for even a very thin straight pin to go through easily. In an act of rebellion, I enlarged it so that a little bit of gum and varnish won't stop it dead. And I guess I'll have to start putting stabilizer in at every fill-up. Lawn mowers never used to be this fussy — my last Craftsman mower went 22 years being treated like a rented mule. What happened, Sears and Briggs & Stratton? Thanks for this video, by the way.

  11. I cleaned the hole the best I could but it still won’t start. Was clogged some. I use trufuel in it but my neighbor must have put regular gas in. Not sure what to do next?

  12. With enough practice, this procedure takes less than 20 minutes. That even includes time to whistle at pretty women, pet one dog and kick another,practice some ancient forms of disco dancing, eat a Slim Jim… Seriously, I prefer these newer mowers; you can clean the carbs yourself and they are lighter,easier for OG's like me to push around. Thanks again for the video

  13. The white stuff is mold release compound. The company uses it to help release the plastic from the mold.

  14. I have a 550E, but from what I see these instructions should work just as well.
    Now my memorial day weekend plans are set. Thanks!

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