Lawn Mower Repair – High RPM Fix

This video features a Lawn-Boy Mower repair. This mower starts up at high RPM’s. If the mower was allowed to run at this high speed to any length of time it would likely ruin the motor. Initially I suspected that it had a bad governor spring or that the governor itself was out of adjustment. But as I was troubleshooting the mower I found an different issue. She’s running like a top now!

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3 thoughts on “Lawn Mower Repair – High RPM Fix

  1. My Uncle's mower is having the rev issue, He went through the little manual that came with it and said there was no info on throttle adjustments. When he was looking at the mower he did notice that cotter pin I'll have to let him know he can rotate that pin to adjust the governor.

  2. What would it damage if ran to long at high rpms? I let someone borrow mine, and they ran it like this cutting their lawn. Now it won't turn over, but sounds like it wants to.

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