Lawn Mower Repair : How to Clean a Lawn Mower Air Filter

After removing a lawn mower air filter, knock off the heavy debris and clean it in the sink with how water and soap that cuts down on grease. Learn about applying oil to a clean lawn mower air filter with help from the owner of a small engine repair shop in this free video on lawn mower repair.

Expert: Mark Bauer
Bio: Mark Bauer is the owner of Bauer Small Engine Repair.
Filmmaker: Ross Safronoff



44 thoughts on “Lawn Mower Repair : How to Clean a Lawn Mower Air Filter

  1. This maintenance chore was easy for a novice like me. Cleaning the air filter worked perfectly. After cleaning, the mower is running smoothly again.

  2. Two questions, sir:
    1. I was gifted a Toro mower with a 149cc OHV Kohler engine when a friend moved; it has one season on it. However, it does not seem that the governor is letting it rev to 3,600 RPM. It sounds more like 2,500 compared to my B&S-power mower. How can I adjust this?
    2. According to the owners manual, gas is no good if it's over 30 days out of the pump, and 90 days if stabilizer has been added. Do you buy this if you use a well-sealed gas can?

  3. Glad you and I agree on oiling a foam-type air filter. My knowledge of this comes from dirt-bikes I've owned and serviced, and know that the oil is what traps the finer dust particles, not the foam.
    The owner's manual for my Toro with a Kohler 6.75 ft/lb torque rating does NOT even mention oil. It just says "clean every 25 hrs & replace every 100.

  4. This one goes out to Jay Taylor, 9 comments from the top. Thank you, Jay for providing the weight oil that has worked for you–for seven years! I appreciate your adding that information to Mark Bauer's nice explanation. I am prompted to ask why be a helpful hater when you can be a helpful hero with less effort? Mark obviously left out an important detail, a flaw you nicely rectified.

    A gentle plea for civil discourse on the Internet,

    mowing better in Fresno (with your help),
    —Bruce Ratcliffe

  5. would have been a nice tutorial if he didn't hide the oil label from us. Duh!! kinda of an important step in doing this.

  6. can you please tell me what kind of oil to use on the filter?? also can you help me my lawn mower is blowing white smoke and leaking oil through the exhust do you no how to fix that 

  7. what is the point cleaning the oil out of the air filter just to put more oil on it? I think my lawn mower is smoking and leaking oil because there is too much oil in the air filter. I'm going to wash it with soap and water, rinse, let dry then install it without adding oil. Is this a bad idea?

  8. I just put some gasoline in a small container and clean it in that then rinse it off and burn the rest of the gasoline. 🙂

  9. I'm supposed to watch a half minute commercial to view your 2 minute friggin' half assed instructions? Yea, right.

  10. @xxxbmxerxxx1

    Not all of us do. I've been doing lawnmower service for ten years and I have never worn a glove! I enjoy getting greasy 🙂

  11. I thought something was wrong with the air filter when I saw oil on it, i washed it and dried it but did not re add oil!!! I will do that in the morning! THANKS ONCE AGAIN!!

  12. Thank you indeed. My mower was hunting; used this technique to clean the filter & housing, re-oil and refit the filter and it is now running like a dream!

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