21 thoughts on “LAWN MOWER REPAIR : how to remove the valves from an older flat head engine

  1. I have a question if you can help me. My Kohler engineer for my riding mower has a stuck spring. Do I need to remove the head gasket to inspect and check what is stuck? Please, advise.

  2. Jared, your valve seat likely popped out. I know this because I'm working on the same problem for a customer. 19 hp single. Apparently these engines are notorious for it.

  3. I have a B&S motor on a tiller that the intake valve is stuck on.  I'm not sure what happened because I was using it, after it set for about a year.  I turned it off and came back later and it wouldn't start.  Not compression.  After removing the spark plug I could see that intake valve was stuck open.  I took the head off and positioned the crank to where the valve should be closed and it took quit a bit of tapping to get the valve to go back down.  What would cause this and how do I get the valve out now that its stuck so tight?

  4. Thanks for the video.  I bought the same tool, but it didn't come with any instructions.  From your description, it sounds like your engine had split keepers like on an overhead valve engine.  On my flathead engine, the keeper was just the disk at the top of the spring and it had a opening shaped like and '8' with the larger part of the hole toward the edge.  I had to shine a light down in there to see where the larger part was and then pull/push the keeper to that side and then it would slide over the end of the valve.

  5. I have an old 5 HP 13202 Briggs that uses a different retainer. Instead of the current keyhole design, it has a cross pin that sits inside of a dimpled washer on both the intake and exhaust valve. How do I remove the cross pin? The dimpled washer always follows the compressed spring when trying to disengage the pins, HELP

  6. How do I free an intake valve that is stuck in the guide? Have soaked for 3 days with Liquid Wrench and similar products. It doesn't move. Thank you!

  7. I have a 17HP Brings OHV,  valve came loose and one of the Valve Caps, or Rotators, fell off… Do they just Sit in There on the valve stem to rotate freely???  I can't see how or can lock any way.  Appreciate your help.   DanO'

  8. i hace a 7.25 platnum briggs. it blows oil out the carb. the repair shop said they would not fix it. said likely a valve seat has come loose. do you have any suggestions on repair or is this engine junk?

  9. Yes i have one of those tools i order it through Sears awhile back good thing that i did because one of the valves are thin on a Tecumseh lawnmower a non – O.H.V. lawnmower i like to keep up on knowing how to work on small engine's outdoors equipment repairs because it's very expensive to take it to the shop people's don't always have money to get things fix all the time they will take it to the shop and once they found out that it will cost 72 dollars an hour they normally pay for it until the shop tells them how long it will take them to fix it or the shop will say that they need this and that about the time the shop finish charging them they end up leaving the lawnmower at the shop and the shop end up selling it well i know we all got to make a living only i mostly see some of this as a rip off because most shop not honest they comes up with nonsense stuff that don't need to be fix i know this because i test them out take something to them and ain't nothing too much wrong with it or nothing wrong with it at all anyway im still learning that's why im here watching your video good job

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