Lawn Mower Repair : How to Replace the Drive Belt on a Rear-Drive Lawn Mower

When replacing the drive belt on a rear-drive lawn mower, make sure the spark plug is disconnected, remove the blade, take off any bolts for the belt cover and remove the belt. Find out how to put a drive belt on the engine pulley with help from the owner of a small engine repair shop in this free video on lawn mower repair.

Expert: Mark Bauer
Bio: Mark Bauer is the owner of Bauer Small Engine Repair.
Filmmaker: Ross Safronoff



26 thoughts on “Lawn Mower Repair : How to Replace the Drive Belt on a Rear-Drive Lawn Mower

  1. wanting to know which belt goes where on the pulley of the AWD Toro 22 in Recycler push mower. they got wrapped around each other and cant see which went where

  2. Good video, hope you emptied the fuel tank before other wise you can damage the engine. Best tipping it backwards.

  3. Thats my exact mower, but instead of the drive belt, I need to replace the drive cable. Thought I could just get to it from the underside to detach the cable from the drive box, but thats not the case. Guess I have to tear the whole drive belt cover off like this vid. Wish you had showed all the screws you need to remove to get the belt cover off. On mine, I think theres two on the outside near each back wheel, and two on the cover itself under the deck, but not sure of what other screws, bolts or other parts were needed to actually remove the cover, other then the blade. Mine still has the OEM round cover over the bottom hole of the engine, directly above the blade. This vid seems to show the mower without this. Thanks for the vid, gave me a much better view of what I think I need to do to get that damn cable off.

  4. Excellent video.  Only hard part was to remove the  bracket cover over the pulley. Ace doesn't  have the drive belt so I will need to orde

  5. Top Video – Thanks. I took the main driver blade off and the Spacer Driver came "out of nowhere" on to the floor, and I hadn't a clue where to put it back. Now I do thanks to you – turn it sideways and drop it in! Never would have tried that one.

  6. Nice video ! I have a Toro recycler mower, that up to this point has been running pretty well. It's only a few years old. The other day I was cutting my grass, and I gently bumped the mower into the wall of my neighbor's house. I've done it many times before. Pretty typical when you get to the end of the grass. Anyway, a split second after the bump, I heard a loud pop in the mower, and it shut off. I was able to restart it a few times after this happened, but it would only restart for a few seconds and shut off again. I know nothing about fixing things, but if I had to come up with a theory, I think it's the belt. Would you agree?

  7. I have a rear wheel propelled Troy Built lawnmower with high rear wheels and a 4 speed transmission.  No matter what speed the speed selector is in the mower propels at the same speed.  How do I fix that?  Do you own a Troy build mower like that?

  8. Just did mine on a Mountfield SP536. There was so much crud underneath that I didn't see that the belt cover actually came off the base. I was trying to attack it by removing the engine, but thank god for this video. Even though it wasn't the same as mine, most rear-drive mowers follow a similar procedure. Great Stuff 5*

  9. Mine of this same vintage also has a stupid extension spring that is easily forgotten – connects between the transmission body and that black plastic shroud you have there. It falls off the shroud easily leaving me to remember how it was attached. Part number 932-0320 if you lose yours.

  10. Is the reason why you're changing the belt was because the rear wheel is no longer moving? I have a self propelled lawn mower and the wheel is no longer moving…not sure it is the belt or what. I'm clueless and that's why I'm watching these videos. Any how would be much appreciated.

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