38 thoughts on “” LAWN MOWER REPAIR” KOHLER ENGINE charge system issues and possible causes of failure

  1. I have an old 10hp  Kohler on a generator and cannot get spark. Need to know how it supposed to be wired. It has electric start.There is a thing on top of the starter with 2 copper coils and three prongs, I think its the regulator, not sure how it is wired in. Do you have any good diagrams?

  2. I've got a Kawasaki FC540V engine in my John Deere 325 Lawn and Garden tractor, and it won't charge the battery, even after 3+ hours of run time…any ideas why? I'm not good with the electrical parts of mowers 😛 lol Thanks

  3. Hey Jerry,Where can I find Info on an 1995,98 all it says is Kohler command 13 CV 13s is Model of engine Anyway would like to test and find out what is bad on the charging system..Its not doing its job.Thanks!

  4. Mr. Mower Medic, I recently bought a "White's Riding Mower." (used) It works great most of the time, except it doesn't always want to start…even after having been running for 30+ minutes. The battery is showing that its ok according to the voltage meter (although the previous owner said it ther battery was around 4 years old, & that it stayed in his shed for a season without being run). I've jumped it several times with my car battery & it ran fine. But I heard jump starting it too many times isn't good for your mower…is that true? I've replaced the starter, & after jump starting it i used a Trickler Charger & let that go for a few hours. It's still not starting normally 98% of ther time. I don't know if I should just go ahead & get a new battery or not; what do you think?

  5. Mr. MM, I have a 1872 Cub Cadet that is having what I think is an overcharging issue. The wire going to the PTO switch (a white wire) gets warm at idle speed. When I rev up to full throttle it gets very hot and eventually blows the fuse. Would a bad regulator – rectifier be the problem? I checked the voltage coming from it and it reads 14.5 – 15 volts.

  6. Hi Mower Medic, we have a Cub Cadet RZT 42 with a Kohler Courage 17 engine. The mower has less than 100 hours on it and we have already replaced the battery two years ago. To date the mower will not crank. We have charged the battery, but when turning the key, there is no hint of sound. We recently changed the oils, all filters, spark plug, but still nothing. The mower has been stored in a garage since purchased and is cleaned after each use. Any suggestions? 

  7. Your thoughts…I have a Miller Bobcat welding machine with an Onan P216 engine. The symptom I'm having on it is that battery isn't being charged. I started it with a jumper pack, ran and idled fine, but engine died when I removed jumper pack. It seems to me a stator or regulator/rectifier is the problem. After watching videos on this issue I'm starting to lean towards a faulty stator not producing the required voltage (not sure why it needs  a constant voltage to stay running must be different system than, lets say, a Briggs Twin Opposed charging system.) Anyway, any knowledge on this,that you might have, would be appreciated.

  8. I have a kohler engine that I had to replace the flywheel because the starter ring gear snapped. Now that I have replace the flywheel, the starter turns the flywheel but there isn't a spark produced. Do you know what could be the problem? thanks

  9. I have a question since you do a lot of mower repair, have you had any zero turn mowers that will not start because of the interlock switches not allowing the exciter wire not to deliver current to the solenoid? 

  10. Jeremy i have a lt155 john deer rider mower 2001, that i have cleaned and rebuilt carb , checked the fuel delivery (fuel pump). all OK , but after cold start up she runs fine till warm then dies out and will crank but wont run. also after it dies out as your cranking she back fires intermittently still without firing up.

  11. I have a cub cadet RZT 50 in. 23 HP V-Twin Kohler Dual Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower.
    I can charge the battery for five minutes at 10 amps and the system will start. But when not running it will draw down the battery quickly even when it is switched off. If I disconnect the battery and then charge it, I can come back in a week and connect it and it will start. I put a test between the negative pole and wire and it shows 12 volts even when the switch is off. When running the test shows the same voltage with the engine running or off. So it is not charging and has an electrical drain. It runs fine after it is started, but I have to leave it running between jobs or jump it off. Can you advise me as to what the problem is?

  12. I have a Troy-Bilt riding mower with a Kohler engine. I need to know how to set the timing on it. Can not find a hole on the flywheel to look through. It was working fine until I ran over a dog leash. Now it won't stay started and back fires.

  13. Jeremy. ..I have a lt 1554 with kohler cv760-0026 giving me a real headache …its a fuel issue ..whens the best time to contact you ?

  14. Jeremy. ..I have a lt 1554 with kohler cv760-0026 giving me a real headache …its a fuel issue ..whens the best time to contact you ?

  15. hey jeremy i have a toro proline 44 with a kholer cv14t that does not get any spark unless i unplug the wires that go under the flywheel and to the ignition switch.they also go to some plastic filled thing with wires in it.as soon as i plug the wires back in my spark goes away any help you can give me would be great. and does a recoil have to have the stator to run thanks for any help you can give me

  16. Good story on the grasshopper.
    I have a LT2000 craftsman with 17.5 hp while jump starting it starts right up. As soon as I remove either cable from the mower battery the engine dies. While running the center of the rectifier reads 16v dc. The left a/c reads 28volts ac and the right reads 3 v ac. I shut off engine and checked for ohms. Found no short and no short from lead to block on both sides of the ac output. If you need more information I can get it. Oh yeah I just replaced the rectifier with brand new. If I wasn't getting 16v dc on center terminal I would think stator. now I cant say for sure.

  17. I had to change out stator and flywheel on my Onan P216, a magnet came undone on flywheel destroying stator. It was a costly repair to say the least. Live and learn.

  18. Hey Jeremy, I got a Briggs and Stratton 14.5 hp 500cc that is not charging properly.  I'm only getting 7vdc from the red wire coming from the stator.  Magnet on flywheel are good.  Any ideas?

  19. I have a 22.5 Kohler motor having charging problems so far replaced flywheel ,stator and regulator, still wont charge any ideals?

  20. Hello I have the same mower and it will not charge the battery i think it is the flywheel how did you get the flywheel off with out pulling the engine? Please let me know ASAP I have a customer wanting to know what is wrong with his mower. I have took apart what i can and cant get the front plastic piece off.

  21. Can someone help me I may look like an idiot here but I need some help. I just bought a Yazookees mower with a dead battery. I bought a new battery 130cca 12v lawn and garden battery from Lowes. I've mowed with it 3 times and then the mower would run for 10 or 15 minutes then die. Could the cause be because I should of used a 300+ CCA battery or would one might think its to do with the recharging system on the mower

  22. I have an 2005 Exmark Lazer z 60" with SP27 Kohler. Do I need to unbolt the engine to replace stator and flywheel. It's a horizontal shaft like your grasshopper. Looks tight in there. Not sure if the flywheel will come off in that tight space. Have any ideas?

  23. I have a kohler courage 19 that I replaced the gasket on the top of the motor and put everything back together and now I can't get it to turn over..the solenoid under the battery clicks..any suggestions on what could be the problem?

  24. I have a Kohler Command Pro Sp 23. It's mounted on a Exmark Lazer Z and I want to change the flywheel and stator. I don't have enough space to change them. The shaft is in my way and I don't know how to take it off. What should I do. Thanks Jeremy.

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