Lawn Mower Repair pt.1: starts & dies, Tecumseh/Craftsman, Alameda Repair Shop

Craftsman lawn mower powered by a Tecumseh engine that starts and dies, (won’t keep running). Part 1 of the lawn mower repair series, carburetor removal.
Recorded at The Alameda Repair Shop Alameda California ..
Part 2: carburetor service, coming soon!



25 thoughts on “Lawn Mower Repair pt.1: starts & dies, Tecumseh/Craftsman, Alameda Repair Shop

  1. I haven't read much of this thread but wanted to share what the issue was with my mower that was starting up and then stalling after 8-10 seconds (basically once the primed fuel ran out). The machine itself was 6 or 7 years old, but had been run fewer than 10 times. It thought for sure it was corrosion in the fuel system. As it turns out, the screw in the bottom of the carburetor bowl has very small holes in it that were clogged. I cleaned them out with a wire and everything is running well.

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  3. Thank you so much for this very useful video, I felt like i had a private teacher in small engine repair!!

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  5. My lawn mower gos for a nices bet them she slow right down and dies stop on me I don't no what the trouble is I clean up the carburetors and the tank is clean of dirt two……

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  7. My Toro just started this today after 11 years of service.
    It started after I had tipped it to do my semi anual blade sharpening.
    After I started it up, it would only stay running for a few seconds before dying.
    Pressing the primer and holding it or keep pusshing it would allow it to keep running.

    I pulled just the bolt from the fuel bowl, cleaned it up with picture frame wire, used the air compressor to blow it out and put it back in.
    Fixed it right up!
    You can still hear a slight surge, so I will pick up some crab cleaner and do it again.

  8. I have the exact same Tech engine. (6hp vertical shaft) same issue Where does one obtain the carb rebuild kit? Definitely the same issue. Prime, the mower starts up instantly..then dies. Spray with starting fluid and the engine runs a bit longer but dies.

  9. i have the same engine that has developed an oil leak at the governor shaft linkage, good view of it at :43 of your video, is there an external seal for that shaft? was wondering before i start pulling it apart, thanks

  10. Gosh, I have that same mower and I'm still using it. It's been a great mower; I think I've owned it going on 20 years. Almost every Spring the darned thing starts right up on the first pull.

    I had the same kind of symptom with mine in 2007, it would start, run on the prime, then stall. Did a lot of carb related things on it to no avail. Turned out–I diagnosed it myself (yay)–it had a bad coil. Picked up a used coil from a guy who has a shop a few miles a way. Been fine ever since. Well–up until now….

    Brought it out of storage today, changed the oil, gassed it up and as usual it started up on the first pull. But the engine surges/revs up and down badly. I was able to make a few passes, but it eventually stalled. If I let it set half-a-minute it starts right back up, but it will only run half-a-minute then stall. Rinse and repeat…

    Last Fall I noticed that at times it acted like it wanted to stall–particularly at times when the gas was sloshing around a lot, like when mowing under bushes–but it never stalled. This Spring it has decided to behave badly.

  11. After 16 years of use, and not one single tune up, my 6hp Craftsman/Briggs and Stratton mower finally refused to start on me. I followed along with your video and cleaned and rebuilt the carb. This was my very first carburator rebuild, of any type, so I didn't really expect to get through it, let alone actually fix it.

    But low and behold…. not much more than one hour of my time later, and using NO NEW PARTS, I buttoned her back up. 3 primes of the bulb, and ONE pull from the cord, and she was PURRING like I haven't heard in quite a while.

    Thank you!

    (I'll add a new spark plug and filter, just for the hell of it!)

  12. does anyone know how to replace pipe from carburetor to engine or if can be replcace and video of same please i have a viking walk behinde mb655gm thanks ed


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