Lawn Mower Repair: Starter Pull Cord, Craftsman Eager 1, Alameda Repair Shop

This lawn mower repair video shows the removal of the recoil assembly and replacement of the starter cord on a Craftsman Eager 1 with a Tecumseh engine.Be sure to use nylon rope designed for mowers, do not use cotton rope as it will fray and catch in the recoil assembly.
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31 thoughts on “Lawn Mower Repair: Starter Pull Cord, Craftsman Eager 1, Alameda Repair Shop

  1. sir, that lawnmower you just worked on, you ever have trouble with it starting? i have one just like it, i always have trouble with it starting,always have to give it either to get it going, hot or cold. dick bailey

  2. I can think of two things possible: The primer bulb has a hole or is cracked or there isn't a good seal at the float bowl gasket. Have you tried priming it rapidly about 10X, sometimes that works too! Good Luck!

  3. If you have a Briggs the recoil mechanism is riveted to the top cover of the engine. See the video Briggs and Stratton Starter Cord Rope Replacement, Lawn Mower Repair, Alameda Repair Shop.

  4. Hi I'm hopiing you can answer a question for me I have just bought a craftman eager 1 old machine can't find a model # but its older than 1990 …,anyway gas cap says 50 : 1 but it also has an oil reservoir ….two stroke or did someone replace the cap from another engine? thanks for your help

  5. Help please. I have a John Deere self propelled. The cord is still attached but has zero resistance. Therefore won't start. Any suggestions? No repair shops in my area

  6. Broke the cord a month or so ago… repaired it but obviously didnt do it right as it came out again on Saturday. Figured I might as well take it into the shop and have them deal with it when I thought Id take a look online.

    Saw this vid, spent 20 min on it and its working GREAT!! 

    Thank you so much Alameda Repair Shop!! 


  7. Another question or two.  I removed the recoil assembly just as the video says, but I believe the internal spring is broken. I can just turn it and turn it and it never tightens up.  Can you help me figure out the correct part for the entire recoil assembly?  I bought this mower new in 1990.  It is a Craftsman push mower, 4 Hp, Eager-1, and looks just like the one in the video.  Do you sell / ship parts?  You've been so helpful I'd just as soon buy the part from you as someone else.

  8. OK, I found my old owners manual which identifies the starter rewind assembly as PN 590637.  So I guess my only question is whether you supply parts?

  9. Well…  I used a little WD-40, let it soak-in a bit and then worked the old recoil assembly back and forth for a few minutes.  Before long it seemed to "catch" and I could feel the spring tension.  So then I installed the new cord per your instructions and it seems to be working fine now.  No need for a new assembly right now.  Thanks!

  10. These instructions work GREAT!  But there is one minor step left out.  At some point, either before attaching the new cord to the pull handle or the other end of the cord to the recoil assembly, you need to feed the cord thru the hole in the black plastic engine cover.

  11. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!.. I am a middle aged single woman, and I am not at all mechanically inclined and know NOTHING about lawn mowers… With all this rain my lawn was out of control and looked terrible, so when I was finally was able to mow, my cord broke on my Craftsman Eager 1!!!.. I almost cried!!   🙁   I got really stressed, came to youtube and with your tutorial I was able to repair my own mower!!!… This is the best one I could find!!… It was quick, to the point and VERY, VERY easy to follow… THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH ALAMEDA REPAIR SHOP!!!!!!… It also helped to see the title that says "Starter Pull Cord, Craftsman Eager 1"… Thank you again!!

  12. I have replaced my pull cord and when I put the housing back on, it won't pull past a certain point. It locks up. I am sure it is one little thing that I am doing wrong. Suggestions?

  13. Great video! What he don't tell you is it will take you an hour and lots of cussing to get the new rope thru the holes on the recoil assembly!  🙂

  14. Thanks for posting this! My father-in-law was having issues. Your video was the first that came up. You have a much easier solution.

  15. INFORMATIVE VIDEO!!!!! Worked GREAT, just had a little trouble getting the cord inside to fasten to anchor point……..CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH for sharing.

  16. I have the exact Pulley  Eager-1   I don't have that little piece  of metal that you bent with the needle  nose pliers what do I do  ??

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