Lawn Mower Repair – Troy-Bilt, Multiple Repairs

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This Troy-Bilt mower is about 10 years old and while mowing the engine actually plopped right off the body. It had a couple other minor issues but as you can see there was more and more as I peeled away the layers. My grandfather was a blacksmith–a serious blacksmith, in Sissonville, West Virginia. People from miles around used to bring him tools to fix or buy hand-made tools from him. When I was a kid I spent hours watching him make tools and other items or sharpen tools, knives, or whatever. When it comes to something like this, I can’t throw it away if I can fix it.

I ended up making brackets for the engine mount, replacing the drive belt, replacing a few other missing bolts, fixed a broken spring, fixed the handle, replaced the air filter and sharpened the blade while it was off the mower.

Hopefully this will help someone else save some money repairing their mower. If memory serves me correctly, I paid $370 for this unit new in 2003 or so. Today I repaired it for less than $20 and a couple hours of my time and it will probably last me 3-5 more years. The only other thing I’ve done to it is replace the carburetor about 4 years ago. If I can get five more years out of this mower, it will have cost me only $2.38/month (plus gas, oil and labor) Buy vinyl and HTV at



8 thoughts on “Lawn Mower Repair – Troy-Bilt, Multiple Repairs

  1. I have same mower, only mine is 7years old. It has a Honda engine and runs great. The problem I have is the mower is Troy-Built. Junk. Yesterday I went to mow lawn, and the front wheel was frozen in place. Rusted soild, almost like a weld! In Florida we have humid air and I guess that's Y. Very poor design. No grease fittings, no oil ports. Nothing. So it will rust and seize. Best part is the Honda engine.

  2. Mine has been in WV and KY so we're in the middle as far as weather–four distinct seasons. I can't complain too much about quality. 10 years and until now I had only replaced the carb, but for $40 or whatever it was, I wasn't going to complain. Anymore, these things are built and priced like everything else–when it breaks, dispose of it. I wasn't about to throw out a perfectly good B&S engine when I had all this good stuff to work with.

  3. I think I've fixed about every poorly designed component like the handle piece so hopefully I'll get a few more years out of it. Not bad for a computer guy 😉

  4. Mine was often difficult to get open. I had to really push down and twist hard sometimes. It just turns like 1/2 turn then lifts out.

  5. Troybiult is the biggest piece of carp I've ever owned, will not buy another, and will not buy anything from Lowe's again

  6. Great video. Hope you are still following this post. I picked up this model from the curb and got the engine running great, Only problem is that the self-propelled is weak/slow. Gears cable and belt (new) are good. Thus, the wheels do turn but I have to exert a good bit of push when mowing even tho the propel bar is fully engaged. Does yours have this condition .. or does your self-propel pull the mower along with almost no push by you? Thanks.

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