Lawn Mower Repair Valve Adjustment Briggs and Stratton V-Twin

How to adjust the valves on a Briggs V-twin engine.If you are having a hard time starting your mower.There’s a good chance it is only the valves.Without maintenance they get out of adjustment.They like 4000th(.004).To adjust the valve use a feeler gauge.Good luck.
Some problem might be: Hard to turn over hard start no start.Extra starter load battery drain or heated wires and getting stuck on the compression stroke(exhaust).



24 thoughts on “Lawn Mower Repair Valve Adjustment Briggs and Stratton V-Twin

  1. i have the exact same tractor and engine, that surging is the carb, needing to be gone through jet needs to be cleaned , took care of mine, and that starter sounds tight! mine is quiet, wonder if your starter needs loosend up or shimmed some, when i start mine with a POS battery it whizzes the starter fast but only for a few seconds before battery is dead, so you may need to re-adjust that starter a little bit or check the gear, great tractors for sure, wish i had a few more with that engine.

  2. I have this same engine. Wish I'd watched this first might have saved me from having to replace the starter and fly wheel. Engine was the same as yours hard to turn over thought it was the battery. Broke a piece of fly wheel off while trying to start then it ruined the starter gear that goes into the fly wheel. Paid $300.00 for the grass handler professional series a really good buy in very good shape, now I have to buy a starter $90.00 and a new fly wheel $300.00. Not so good a deal now.

  3. I had set my valve gaps precisely to spec. and still my B & S 18.5hp would not turn over. I proved all other components were good..starter, solenoid, electrics, battery. To reduce compression – to assist engine turning – I screwed tappets in to open the gap between valve and valve seat, this reduced cylinder pressure and the engine spun over great, I then increased tappet gap to ensure compression but not so much it stalls the engine. I guess the tappet gap now is about 3 thou` – engine runs!

  4. the surging noise, known as hunting, is due to the air/fuel mixture at idle is too lean. open it about 1/2 to a turn. should be good. Governor only works at high revs

  5. Not only do they not hold their positions, I have reset mine so many times I can't even count. That's how screwed up these motors are. It's a factory design flaw. It's that simple, so if you've had to set them plan on doing it many many times…over to keep it running or should I say starting as it should., Good engines but crapy valve lock design.

  6. Ya gotta wonder how many million are being made by mechanics on this each year. You should hardly ever need to reset your valves. Bad design but awesome money maker for those charging to do such an easy repair job… over and over again!

  7. I just got a free Briggs v twin yesterday! Now I know how to adjust the valves, thanks man! Tools needed, wrenches, sockets, Allen's, and a pellet rifle for that damn bluejay

  8. Thank you for this info I wish the men in these videos would explain more. Because you have a lot more women and young people and older people having to try to fix things that never tried before. I was wondering what are you felling for with the gage under there you said should be about 4000? are you just guessing because you know how much it should belike we know about 1/2 cup also what did you pull to make them move. I lost my husband 7 months ago and I am having to learn all this

  9. The surge is from low fuel in the bowel you may have to adjust the float but make sure your fuel pump has proper flow and fuel filter is good…..would not hurt to replace filter

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