26 thoughts on “Lawn Mower Tune-up (Briggs and Stratton 6.5 hp)

  1. float might be stuck in the bowl. Smack the side of the bowl a few times and try starting again. I've had to do this on so many mowers over the years.

  2. Try draining it form the underside and see how much oil you spill. This vid is intended to help the home owner change his oil without making a mess…your the moron Mr Gonzalez

  3. there is a screen strainer in the tank for Tecumseh engines but they do not have an inline filter …at least not per the assembly drawing

  4. Mine has a thermostat connected to the muffler,and it needs adjusted. the arm of the thermostat sit in front of the air vane lever. do you know how to adjust this so that my mower will run good

  5. Hi Mike,
    I had my Briggs and Stratton 675 series 190cc on it's left hand side while I levered the  drive belt back on. On re-righting and re-starting the mower, white smoke poured out of the muffler. In attempting to take off the muffler to clean it, the part behind the muffler fell off. Not sure how to put it back together. Can you give any help?

  6. I've read this engine has an oil drain plug and can drain all the oil without tilting the unit, and draining from the filler cap will still leave about 2-4 oz. of oil undrained. There don't seem to be any tutorials showing this method however… wish there were.

  7. Minor point, but I've discovered that though the normal tendency seems to be to hold the plastic oil bottles by the fat side with the neck low, you'll be able to control the speed and empty the it faster if you hold it on the side with the neck so the air can pass into the bottle without the glug-glug-glug caused by the air moving up to fill the upper side. It seems counter intuitive, but it works much better and it's easier to begin pouring without the surges of air. Sometimes, I'm glad I studied fluid dynamics…

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