Lawn mower voltage regulator battery drain

Troubleshooting a battery drain caused by a bad voltage regulator. Output voltage was not the problem. The regulator has an internal short to the case causing a 2mA current drain.



10 thoughts on “Lawn mower voltage regulator battery drain

  1. I just replaced one that was doing the same thing. Battery would be dead in a week. It was also charging at 17volts!! Not sure how the battery withstood that. But installed a new one and works like a top!

  2. If you have a mower that does not have a voltage regulator, there is a hidden diode in one of the stator wires that has gone faulty allowing battery voltage to drain.

  3. I have a JD LA105 and I have the same problem. I need to replace the voltage regulator but I'm having a really hard time finding it. Any suggestions where to look? John deere?

  4. Did you say you "unplugged the battery terminal" to test it? Im having the same issue with my battery draining. What is the first steps to test the voltage regulator? Key on, off? Battery connected? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  5. the v reg needs to be tight to the engine to earth properly your bolt is to long or needs a lock washer to tighten it .

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