19 thoughts on “Lawn Mower Won’t Start Briggs Brute Ready Start Fix

  1. This was absolutely my mower's problem. Though I have a different model B&S motor (everything located in a different place), I was able to find that fuel bulb. I clamped the line, dropped the bolt, then used a needle to clean it out. Put everything back in and started on second pull. Thanks a ton!

  2. i have the 725ex, will start on first use, but I don't dare shut it off cuz it will not start again unless i remove the air filter. Then it will start on first pull. while it is running i can reinstall the filter and it will continue to run but again I cannot let it shut down. Replaced air filter 5 times, but no go, took it to an authorized bs repair shop, he had it for 2 months and could not figure it out. He replaced the choke system but no go. i fought with bs that they sold a lemon, so nancy from bs said take it to another shop of her choice and if they said it was briggs fault they would repair it or replace it, but if they said it was my fault then to bad. so i took it there and they said i did not take care of it, they said the air filter was dirty which it was not it was brand new, they said oil needed changed which it did not I change it every summer and they said the blade was knicked which is possible but not a starting problem. So they saved their authorization with BS and lied and then went home and brushed his tooth. But that leaves me with a piece of crap mower. Now I am think compression problem but it runs fine when it is cold engine. Any thoughts anyone? please help driving me insane, i have cleaned the carb so not the problem. oh, sometimes gas seems to be blowing back into air filter but not always. Slightly used brute mower, 100 dollars and it is yours, that's i will pay for someone to haul away, kidding, but it is a crap design, i did nothing to this mower, Nancy at BS is a beatch.

  3. After the winter season, troublesome revival : A bit of lighter refuel fluid from a bottle sprayed straight into the open carburetor did the trick for me.

  4. I did that and still having problem starting. Have to use starter fluid and it will start. Think the carburetor is bad?

  5. This appears to be the same engine on my toro ready start. Now time to figure out how to get all that plastic off.

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