Lawn Mower Won’t Start? Here’s The “FIX”

If you’ve already changed your spark plug and air filter and it still isn’t firing then this How To is for you. In this video I show you simple steps to getting your lawn mower up and running like new

Repair Mower is a craftsman 6.75hp 21in featured in the video.
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49 thoughts on “Lawn Mower Won’t Start? Here’s The “FIX”

  1. Hey Nthefastlane, this video really helped with troubleshooting my Toro Personal Pace lawn mower that wasn't starting up. I have one question though, I noticed that my "Carburetor Gasket" was stuck to my carburetor and half of it peeled off. Is it necessary to have one for my lawn mower to work? Thanks.

  2. I want to say thank you. This is the second time I've used this video and I really cleaned everything well this time and my lawnmower has never run this fast. I looked to see if there was a way to slow it down (there's not). I should get a much cleaner cut now.

  3. dude.. thanks..u just saved me $80 !!! i dont hve exact mower..but is a like a charm.. thanks tons man!!!

  4. Just tried this on a completely different mower with a similar looking carburettor and it worked. Thanks so much for this video…my mower was destined for the scrap heap until I tried this.

  5. In almost all the videos showing how to clean your carburetor I see some people don't like it. Who are these people who don't like how to clean your carburetor! like this one has 150 dislikes

  6. California is having a fit at all that WD40 and carb cleaner on the ground. I swear they just relocated a K-12 fish school because you ruined their environment.

  7. The most bizarre part, is when he brings out the "crack lighter" while working with a bunch of combustibles/flammables, just to burn a twist tie to get the metal wire. WTF!!

  8. URGENT HELP NEEDED: I have a Ryobi lawnmower that I recently purchased and I put in a very small amount of oil by accident. The lawnmower ran for about 10 minutes but then stopped. I put more oil in but the engine won't start up. Please someone help me!!

  9. first off you shouldn't put any sort of metal object thought the jets because it can damage it and widen the holes too much and also the 2(ports) in the middle nozzle there actually unscrews out of there to reveal many other jets. and in a Tecumseh engine u push it down out from inside the mouth of the carb

  10. I bought a new carb with new o-ring and gasket for 10 bucks with free shipping on E-bay. Works fantastic. I think it runs better than when new.

  11. Instructions are perfect managed to fix mine and saves lots of money also . you know you're just like Chrisfix great job. keep up the great work!

  12. Damn dude, this helped me out wayy to much. haha 🙂 I watched it 3 times made sure I knew what to do when I go try to do it. That being said, a person i know told me he was mowing his lawn then his mower died out on him. He said he tried to pull start it and wouldnt do anything. He said I could take it off his hands maybe use it for parts or try to get it fixed. So I took it home and tried to start it myself, and nothing. Took it to the backyard, did the same thing you demonstrated in the video and BOOM! Started on first pull. Blew my f*cking mind !! Im so happy!! Great vid hands down

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