Lawn Mower Won’t Start How To fix A lawnmower that Starts Then dies

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I want to save you hundreds of dollars, for a lawn mower what starts and then dies. If your lawnmower won’t start, here is a quick fix that can save you hundreds of dollars, it’s a step by step video, using a Toro, that shows you how to fix your lawnmower if it starts and then stalls, or dies.
The problem may be as simple as a blocked carburetor jet

I can’t start my Toro Lawn Mower, It starts and then dies- How To Fix And Repair a lawn mower Engine and carburetor.

Here’s the easy Fix…
This information can save you up to $500 or more money every year.



32 thoughts on “Lawn Mower Won’t Start How To fix A lawnmower that Starts Then dies

  1. Hey!..i have a similar Toro mower, that would not start. i followed your instructions, and HOT DAMN!! started right up!! thanks buddy!

  2. I'm so glad to see that this quick fix is working for so many, and saving each person hundreds of dollars.
    If this video has helped you, Please Hit The subscribe Link… I need all the help I can get… Many Thanks. 🙂

  3. Awesome!!! I was going to drop off the mower this morning but they said that they were so busy it would be two weeks before they could look at it. Brought it back home and started looking for some DIY help. I ran across your vid, at the end of it I went out and tried this. After the third pull it started right up, I went over and cut the front lawn then came back to post this. The shop was going to charge $140.00 to start with, a big thumbs up for your help

  4. same mower, cleaned jet out removed tank filter, swapped plugs with another toro. mine will start for 1 min then die what am i missing. also checked spark and it is good. ended up replacing carb with brand new. losing my mind here. also removed muffler and found same dead after one minite

  5. I had a slightly different mower that my mother was ready to take to the shop, after watching your short video we had it up and running as soon as we refilled the float cup. thanks for the quick video and the time it took you to make it!

  6. Thanks – from bottom of my wallet!! I couldnt start my lawnmover – work for ours – but after look your video – and follow you sample – my lawnmower works like its brand new. You probably safe me for NOK 1000 -(norwegian krones) -in USD 150 – so thanks again. I owe you a beer if you come this way!

  7. My husband just asked me to find a HANDYMAN to get his lawnmower started. You were the handyman I contacted. I just MOVED that nut and it started like a charm. You just saved us a lot of $$$. Thank you.

  8. Thank you so much for posting this. You saved me a bunch of money. I was about 5 minutes from heading to Lowes for a new mower, then I found your video. Worked like a charm, grass is done..

  9. I'm really not good at this stuff I changed the spark plug first and that didn't work , I did what you just did and it worked GREAT ! THANKS ! ! !

  10. Thanks a lot!  I used a needle and it works like a charm.  You need to empty the gas tank first before unscrewing as gas will start leaking out.

  11. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! Saved me $350. I was just about to purchase a new mower and decided to try and trouble shoot it. This was the first video I saw and worked like a charm!!! Many Thanks and if you are ever in the NY/CT area, let me know….I owe ya a beer!!!!

  12. Nice Job.  I replaced the whole carb on mine and it worked for the day I worked on the yard and I tried it today and same problem.  Sounds like it wants to start, throws a puff of white smoke then won't start again.  Any ideas?  I'm going to charge out the Spark Plug tomorrow.

  13. Last few times Ive been cutting the grass, took forever to start, with it starting for a second a few times. What I finally did was hold the pull cable when it would do that and it works that way.

  14. THANKS A LOT SIR!!! I was having the same problem on my 2 years old Toro who yesterday stop suddenly. After half an hour working on it an a new plug, still refuse to start. I was just about to lit this piece of sh*t on fire when i found your video. 5 min fix and IT WORK! ALLELUIA !!!

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