Lawn Tractor Fuel Pump Oil Leak Diagnosis & Repair Solution

Ever wonder why oil may leak out of the fuel pump screen on your lawn tractor? In this video I diagnose this strange phenomenon and also give you the repair solution.

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38 thoughts on “Lawn Tractor Fuel Pump Oil Leak Diagnosis & Repair Solution

  1. That's a very common problem on the Briggs & Stratton Intek motors,I had to do a whole cylinder head replacement on one of them which dropped a valve & damaged the cylinder head.

    The cylinder head gasket was also blown !!!!

  2. Friend has an obvious oil issue. He takes my used oil to use in his lawn tractor. I try to explain to him that it's at most a $20 fix and an hour or two of work. Instead he'd prefer to fog out the insects while mowing. Part of that is he thinks he's hiding from the wife, maybe he's using the smoke to keep her away too…

  3. I'm working on a neighbor's 115 automatic and replaced the fuel pump thinking that would stop the rediculous amount of oil loss. I attributed the smoke from blow by of the rings. But this video is more targeted to the oil loss in less than 15 minutes of mowing.

  4. Hey donyboy, I received a deere from a customer and as I suspected fuel was in the crankcase. why does this happen? I had one with an intek motor also. Ths deere has a briggs engine on it..

  5. i just replaced head but oil is now coming from the exhaust pipes and creation huge amount of smoke. Any idea why?

  6. my grandpa snapper zero turn had 3 problem the deck bearings went out,the head gasket was showing signs of blowing,and the charging stater was burned.

  7. Working on the same mower with the same problem. Head gasket was shot. I replaced it with a new gasket, correct tightening pattern and 220 inch pounds for torque and I still have oil coming out the fuel pump. Could the head be warped? Im at a loss. Anyone??

  8. Don, I don't really have the smoke/oil leak problem on mine (a Kohler 13hp) but the bog down problem in thick grass is an issue. can I do a compression test to verify?

  9. I had to replace one of those 21HP John Deere intek the other day with a brand new one. The connecting rod broke and destroyed the motor. running with a bad head gasket could cause that problem because of increased oil usage and possibility of the owner not checking the oil. could lead to an expensive repair.

  10. If I'd met this kid back when he was a kid, I'd have said, "No way is this kid going to be the best small engine tech on YouTube. He's Canadian."

  11. Excellent video! In addition to the oil burning and blowby, (as I am having the same problem with the exception that I'm only getting the occasional puff of smoke) I'm guessing and do you agree that there would be a noticeable horsepower loss especially under load of thick grass? Mine really bogs down badly in the thick grass and will spit and sputter if I don't slow down quickly. Anyways thanks again as I am quite confident I can handle this job thanks to you. Best wishes!

  12. I don't have that problem, but assume that this could happen on Craftsman mowers also. It is good to know where to look for the problem. Thanks so much for showing us this tip, and hope you are having a nice weekend.

  13. I have not seen that problem before, but did see your head gasket replacement video. Both good information. Have a good weekend!

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