1. I must admitt im a bit confused, do all four stroke engines have the compression reduction system as i dont remember motorbikes having it.

    Shame the cam has gone bad, its an engine strip down to the bottom isnt it?

  2. hmm, im supprised that machine requires a cam mod as its got a starter motor.

    Well thats why im not a mechanic, and you are 🙂

  3. you are the first one,that gave me the answer to what may be wrong with my 15.5 OHV,B&S, i have installed a new starter motor (which was burned up anyway) new carburator,plug,solonoid switch, key switch, battery, adjusted the valves 6x. do you still think or know it IS the cam shaft? and when can you show your video how to change it out,and the best price i can get to buy a new one?,are you able to email me? ednatwoz@sc.rr.com….MANY THANKS fo any support!!! Ed..georgetown,sc.

  4. Sure the push rods weren't bent? You can adjust the valves all you want, and with bents rods it may run for a few but eventually they bend more and your doing another valve adjustment. This happened to my 03 Troy bilt ltx1842

  5. The decompressor is nearest the cam gear witch I think is the exhaust valve. This would be covered under warranty. I enjoy your videos.

  6. Jeremy did you do a follow up on the camshaft? I have this same mower, it has been driving me crazy. I think you just showed me the problem.

  7. Jeremy great bit of info. I had searched everywhere for why an engine I was trying to fix was doing that. I spent lots of time adjusting valves, checking key ways, etc. I finally found your video. I changed the cam (wish you had a video on that) put it back together and she runs awesome. Just wanted to say your video helped me locate the problem and repair it. Thank you sir. I have learned a lot watching your channel as well as Donyboy73. Keep up the good work.

  8. Hears my 2cents I had a troy bilt rider gave to me with a 18hp intek briggs with the same problem valves set on the money some body had unhook the seat safety switch I hook the safety switch back and its been spinning ever sents I think its part of the ground

  9. Hey Jeremy do you have any videos on changing cams and do you carry a cam for a 287707 at your online store i would rather givr you the business than anyone. I think this is my problem also.

  10. The last few OHV engines that I've worked on still wouldn't turn over after I properly adjusted the valves. If I adjust them down to zero lash they crank and run great. But if I adjust them to just .004/.006 they have too much compression and won't turn over. What causes that? bad cam? At zero lash they run great???

  11. I like you videos I have the same problem 17hp but and my motor i took spark plug off and spin i put back the spark plug and is hard to spin after adjusted the valves do you think i need to remplace the crakshaft. thanks for you video if help me alot. keep the good work.

  12. You know when you take the spark plug out and spin the motor by hand you can see the slight movement of the rocker arm when the compression release opens the valve. When you have a bad compression release like the mower in this video does the rocker arm still do that or does it not happen at all because the compression release isn't working?

  13. i have a ? i have a john deere d120 21hp ohv the motor wont spin a quater time around? can you plz suggest the things i should try ? thank you  kevin r.

  14. I haven't gotten that far yet… when I opened the valve cover expecting maybe a little oil to "drip" out… instead gasoline mixed with oil gushed out all over the garage floor!  I don't think this is a "good" thing, but have to ask… what does this mean?  *(Briggs-Stratton 15.5 OHV on a 14 year old Toro Wheelhorse.  Thanks!!

  15. Yeah, they have the same setup as my dads Honda push mower where on startup it only has 65 PSI of compression before the decompression mechanism on the camshaft disengages,the decompression mechanism holds the exhaust valve open for longer on the Hondas and the only way to test the compression is to temporarily remove the exhaust valves rocker arm to allow the engines true compression to be measured or the other way is to perform a leakdown test to check for ring ,cylinder wear or leaky valves.
    There's another person on here who has a similar problem to that with an Intek engine but didn't appear to isolate why the motor wouldn't rotate meaning he didn't test the motors rotation with the spark plug removed and the spark plug looked oily which would indicate either a worn bottom end or in my case when I replaced a cylinder head on an Intek motor the head gasket was blown near where the pushrods travel which means oil from the crankcase gets sucked in through where the gasket is blown then into the combustion chamber which in this case caused a lot of oil to become deposited on the spark plug electrodes.
    The other cause would be worn valve guides and/or a worn or missing valve stem seal on the inlet valve,I mean, that person should've at least isolated the rotational part of the engine to the point that it's not seized or that the decompression mechanism is stuffed.

  16. Hey Jeremy, what do you usually charge to replace the cam in the engine in this video? Today I quoted a guy $300.00 plus the cost of the cam which is about $75.00. The $300.00 would cover the cost of the new sump gasket, oil and filter, and labor. Do you think that's too much?

  17. Dude, I have been fighting my OHV B&S for 3 days now valve adjustment, etc.etc. Thank you for this. Now I can research this as a possible solution but at least I am doing the work right and NOT crazy (which was the wife's diagnosis). OK back to the drawing board.

  18. Cam shaft? Mine did that and fuel over flowed into my values, i pulled the plus and drain value cover and it turned right over.

  19. just wanted to say thanks for the cam being bad in my 31H707 moter when i tryed to set valves and it did not work. can you tell me if the cam 793880 will work in this briggs motor ?

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