1. It is an Ogura the number is MA-GT-JD3 I can't find that number anywhere but it is the number on the old one. I went through this 2 years ago on a different tractor that belongs to family. They had to suck it up and pay-there was no time to shop around since the grass was so tall.

  2. thank you for this video! it helped me show that i was correct in replacing a clutch today. i was having a issue with the clutch not working all the time.

  3. VOMs can measure Voltage and Ohms.The meaning of O.L is dependant upon what you are measuring. For resistance (Ohms) O.L means Open Lead or the amount of resistance measured is well beyond the highest measureable value for the meter, ie OPEN, infinite. If measuring Voltages beyond the capacity of the meter to read, O.L means over load or over limit. So you are correct if measuring volts or amps. Mr. Fountain was measuring resistance (ohms), ergo Open Lead, open line was correct … for ohms.

  4. I have an LA150 purchase in 2007. I think I've narrowed down my problem to the PTO clutch (electrical). When I measure from the front connector of the rear harness. YLW (power to PTO) to Engine block (GND) reads 0.1 OHMS (shorted). When I disconnect the PTO connector, I get OL. Pulling the PTO switch, blades start then stop, then the engine dies. The last time I tried, the 20A fuse opened. I know the PTO coil has some resistance (YLW to BLK), but should the YLW be shorted to GND? Thx!

  5. OK, replaced the clutch and all is well. Additional bench check of clutch should be to test both terminals to the clutch's metal struture (ground).
    Terminal to terminal may be correct but if the (+) terminal is shorted to structure/GND, it will either blow the fuse or metal something. My "bad" clutch had a short that connected the (+) terminal to its structure internally.

  6. OK….not to be Captain Obvious here, but this is a HELL of a lot of work to determine if the clutch is bad.
    How about a way to determine if it even LIES in this area ? I am going to have to check my PTO switch before I rip out the clutch.
     Which wires do I test or cross to check for voltage or bypass, to determine if the error lies in the switch ? I will google an answer if none are forthcoming here in a day or so.

  7. I am looking at a Cub Cadet LT1042 mower that the owner says has a intermittent problem with the pto clutch engaging. He feels its a wiring glitch. Do clutches go out all at once or can they work intermittently?  If It is a wiring problem, can I do my own wiring to it using a switch, relay and hooking up 12 volt to the clutch to engage it?  Thanks

  8. I have a Toro Groundmaster 120 that the OGURA PTO seems to have gone bad.
    MA-GT-TROC model
    Toro groundmaster model 30612  serial 890142
    Could you rebuild this clutch if I sent it to you. Looks like you have to have a press
    to get this apart. What would it cost to have you rebuild it do you think?

  9. Greetings JEREMY, where can I find the best bargain when buying a new Electric clutch, also are aftermarket parts as good as ….lets say Sears
    I'm dealing with a Craftsman GT5000 clutch Part # is 179335 OR 414737
    any help or advice is greatly welcomed!

  10. What ohm setting have tou got it on? I have several different settings on mine. 200,2000,20K,200K,2000K. Which should I be using. 200 shows 4.8, 2000 shows 7 and 20K shows .001. I usually use 20K

  11. I tested it and it read 2.9 which means the magnet is good. But what could be the problem if the electric clutch does not disengage?

  12. Good Morning Jeremy,

    I am starting a part-time repair business and am now working on a 2006(?) Cub Cadet LT1050.  I have replaced one spindle assembly, both upper and lower bearings on the other two and installed a new idler pulley, all were bad. the mower drive belt is good.   I have sharpened and balanced the blades, but when you engage the electric PTO clutch, the mower shakes, the engine lugs down, and after 30 seconds or so, the clutch cuts out.  You can immediately reengage the clutch and the whole things happens again.  I spun all blades by hand, not hitting anything under the deck.

    I contacted tech support at Cub Cadet, got to a level 2 tech, went through what I had done and all he could come up with, after some thought, was that it must be a bad PTO clutch.  Currently it has a Warner 5219-64 and I have ordered an Xtreme replacement clutch, seems a better and less expensive option.

    Have you seen this before?  Am I on the right track?
    Thank you
    Port Hadlock, WA

  13. I clipped a wire into each battery terminal and probe into each place on the plug and it clicked.   I think this is a way to check if the clutch is good also.  ???

  14. I have a John Deere 190C, when I was mowing the other day my blades stopped woking and they wont come back on. I bought a new PTO switch, still nothing. Took the belt off the clutch pulled out the PTO switch the clutch engages and spins but makes a load grinding noise. Do you think the clutch has gone? Or could there be something else? Thanks, J.

  15. I would weld that shaft onto the pressure plate if the customer was tight on cash. $300 is a lot of beans for some people. If it fails later, they already know they have to shell out for a new one. If the welds hold, then you look like the hero and everybody wins.

  16. I have a bobcat zero turn and the pro switch works but when I engage the blade the blade band that goes around the electric clutch spins incredibly slow any suggestions?

  17. I am about to test my clutch. I have a Cub Cadet GT 1554 and in grass that really doesn't even look deep, I hear it slowing down. I can even see the stream of clippings get weaker when it happens too. I always grease the spindles with a good grease. I try NEVER to mow if I can ride around the yard and the tires are wet or even damp. I have new blades. If it is not the clutch there are other possibly more expensive things it could be. I am going to get my ohm meter and see if it is just a weak clutch. I can get to my wires without taking the clutch off so this would be quick and mostly painless.

  18. Thank You So Much. My wife thinks our mower is a D-fencer, Tree trimmer, And garden hose winder. Of cores, I am the one that has to jack it up and un clog Half of the neighborhood from under the deck.  🙁

  19. Hey Jeremy. Great video. Very helpful. Quick question. Did your clutch make some really bad sounds when it was on the mower since the inside was not connected like you showed us? what were the symptoms that made you tear it apart?

  20. My mower will not start, no clicking from starter or any noises, battery is strong shows over 14 volts, when i ran diagnostics it refers to my PTO clutch or switch. I replaced the switch but its the same problem, will a PTO clutch keep the mower from starting?

  21. Fixed!!! I just purchased a second hand Scag zero turn mower and had an issue with the blades intermittently not engaging. Was thinking I'd been 'sold a lemon' by the guy I'd bought it from and it might not have been such a bargain. The problem did not appear to be related to heat but maybe a small amount of heat was doing it. I worked my way through the seat safety switch, then the PTO Clutch Switch using other YouTube tutorials … which all turned out fine. Then I was down to the clutch itself and used your video to learn how to test if the clutch was good. Tested the ohms of the clutch and then volts into it while the clutch while disconnected and mower was running with PTO switch on. All fine. I then went onto "how to adjust your electric clutch" videos. A quarter turn of each adjustment bolt and it's working perfectly again. Unbelievable it's ultimately so simple. So, with the help of folks like you, a guy with a finance degree can fix his commercial zero turn. What's not to love about the Internet! Thanks for taking the time to explain this in easy to understand terms. I knew nothing about it when I started trying to solve the problem. Much appreciated. Thank you!!

  22. Question…. Gravely zturn fh500v everything was working then the blades wpuld engage then stop. Then the mower cut off, and now I go to start it and it knocks like it is locked up. Tried to pull the belt to see if there would be any movement but nothing. What do you think???

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