38 thoughts on “LAWN TRACTOR REPAIR how to diagnose and correct engine valve issues

  1. I am having an issue with gasoline filling the valve cover, I've got gas in the oil as well. I did have a problem with loose rockers because the stud backed out. Discovered that and tightened it back down. Ran fine for three mows, went to start it today and it wouldn't turn over. Suspecting the rocker issue again, I removed the valve cover and gas poured out. Valve guide seals,maybe?

  2. Do not start engine for 24 hours. Thead lock has to be cured and min 12 hrs at room temp and just to be sure let it sit oil free for 24 hours. Now if you had a lot of slop in the treads due to rattling and backing out you would have to change to a thead coumpoud which holds when cured at a higher gap.
    Nice video on one of the caused of a loose or excessive valve gap.

  3. Hi,

    I have a problem with my Briggs & Stratton engine 17hp.
    I have adjusted the valves but the engine is hard to turn, any ideas of what could be wrong?
    It'll be a massive help! I'm really stuck with this?

  4. Jeremy, thank you for you troubles. Have a B&R 19.5 that I purchased from a gentleman and it had a surge , when I was running it I ingauged the blades and it started smoking a Grey/ blue smoke and shut off. Now it will not turn over the full turn. What do I do .

  5. I have a real problem! I was a small engine mechanic in the 1970, and have forgotten somethings and updates have me in the dark also.
    I have and engine that stopped running and won't start. It turns over but looking in the intake of the carburetor I am getting blow back. I checked the valves and both were set correct on 5/1000 and no seen damage. I'm thinking I have internal damage, but don't hear any bad noise. Could be a issue with the key in the shaft? or a cracked valve, what do you think?
    thank you Ed

  6. Thank You!!! I worked on my craftsman Briggs 21 hp alllllllll day. It would just spin. Tried everything. Turns out my exhaust valve rocker came off because of a loose stud/anchor bolt. Tightened everything up and it started right up. I subbed!!! Thanks again

  7. I have a Briggs & Stratton OHV 17.5hp riding mower & cannot find the oil filter on it. Can you tell me where this would be located please?

  8. 17.5 ohv Briggs straton on a troy built ridding mower. how can I tell if the piston rods or the pistons are going bad
    thank you

  9. That looked easy, I have a question, my huskee LT4200 bought new at tractor supply in 2012, first year I had a problem (other than flats) it cranks but after idling for a couple of mins, just dies while I'm getting tiller cranked. mower done that over and over. lynardbrock@gmail.com thanks.

  10. cub cadet twin cylinder runs great then it stumbles pops somewhat a touch of black smoke if I stop cutting for a moment it clears up runs good for a while new carb ideas needed only does it under load thanks

  11. I just replaced the head gasket on my riding lawn mower. I put it back on and am now having a similar issue. One of the rocker arms is kind of tight and the other somewhat loose but not as much as in your video. Is it definitely this definitely the issue?

  12. question i replaced a valve rod like the one u pulled out i put everything back crank it over and booooom made a loud noise then i took spark plug out and smoke came out i pulled valve cover back off and everything looks fine i turned engine with my hand and its fine what could have happend

  13. I have a 1999 Murray trying to fix up. The problem is can't get it to turn over.  Solenoid and starter is good. Battery full chargedbut when trying to crank it the battery drains really fast  so I just jump it with my car battery. The motor still seems to turn just a little then lock. Took the spark plug out and it turns fine but still will not kick in so I'm thinking the  valves need adjustment. But do you have any ideal what the valves would be for my brand and model? And what could drain the juice out of full charged battery while trying to crank it. I'm just turn it on just a little at a time.

  14. I have a 14.5 HP B&S I/C OHV engine that stalls out after mowing with it for about 45 minutes. After it cools down for a couple hours, will start and run fine again for another 45 minutes. I have replaced every component I can think of: New magneto coil, new park plug, new carburetor, new gas cap, new fuel filter, new fuel lines, new air filter, no grass clogged in the cooling fins. Do you have an idea what could be the issue? Thanks.

  15. I think I may have similar problem on a 14.5 HP briggs OHV. My question is that cap you found, does it just snap back on? I have one that came off as well. I look at a parts list and I see it being called a valve keeper with the cap and a couple of split rings. Thanks in advance for any help.

  16. I have a Briggs & Stratton 18 hp motor model 31P777-0299-E1 on a Craftsman LT2000 tractor model 917.273756. My issue is that it was running fine then quit in the middle of a cut. It will fire up, but won't continue running. After checking the fuel solenoid, fuel filter, breather filter, and all else involving the carburetor, I watched your video and I pulled the valve cover to check the rocker arm lash gap. I set the valves at TDC, but there is no gap. The rocker arms are hard against the push rods. Also when I pulled the plug there was a lot of oil on it, but it wasn't smoking when running and the oil has no gasoline smell. The dipstick also shows oil on the full mark, not above. The engine turns well too. Any thoughts?

  17. hi, i have a 12.5 Briggs and stratton mower on a toro horo chassis. Model 282707 for engine. its start very well. when its warm after cutting for about 20 minutes, she starts misfiring then eventually back fires then shuts down. The plug has fouled and it has black suit. what could the problem be.

  18. 16 hp briggs OHV that want start,there is gas to the bowl on the carb,but want start but as long as i spray gas into the carb it will run…help

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