1. I'm a neighborhood backyard lawn mower mechanic. I've never seen a torque wrench like yours. What type is it called and where can I buy one? Thanks

  2. I love your videos…I have a question related to that type of engine. My neighbor has 17.5 hp Briggs and has a surge in the engine. He cleaned the carb and it seemed to help a little but it still does it especially on top end…any ideas would be appreciated…Thanks

  3. sometimes with that type of carburetor you just have to replace it, there about $80

    Or try to repace the main jet that may help as well

  4. Thank you. I have a very similar MTD that I got for free a few years ago. It had a broken rod and I was able to rebuild it for about $120. Still using it today.

  5. I have a briggs straton 14.5hp I change the head gasket it was make a lot smoke went it run now the i change the head gasket run right of way but i backfire from the moffler if shout some flame it turmed the moffler red very hot I set the valves at 5 thousen of the inche intake end exauste i lape the valves thei look ok to my i don't what to do next can you help me sorry for my tiping.

  6. What a life saver! I had a "no compression" situation and it turned out to be the exact same problem! I was able to heat up the head with a torch and carefully push the valve seat back in. Got it to run again, but it needs a new head gasket, valve reseating and clearance adjustment. Sure as hell beats getting a new engine for 500 bucks! Thank you!!!

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