LAWN TRACTOR REPAIR: PART 1 Briggs and Stratton 31q777-0215e1 no compression/overheating issues

diagnostic and inspection of a briggs and stratton single cylinder intek model 31q777-0215e1….other engines will be very similar…..287707-0115 is another common engine model with these issues..



10 thoughts on “LAWN TRACTOR REPAIR: PART 1 Briggs and Stratton 31q777-0215e1 no compression/overheating issues

  1. I believe it, this past summer with our temps 105+ for over 60 days, I am surprised that poor thing didn't melt into a puddle of aluminum and steel.

  2. Just wanted to thank you for posting this video. I had a blown head gasket on my Cub Cadet LT1018 with a Briggs 31Q777-0305 and this video was a great help. I couldn't/wouldn't have done it without seeing this video.

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention the reason for the head gasket issue. I had gas leaking from my fuel pump, so I replaced it. When I installed the new one, I accidentally reversed the pulse and fuel input lines, so I was sucking oil from the crank. Smart move, right? Symptoms were white smoke while running and big backfires when turning it off. Fortunately, I had no other serious engine damage. A head gasket change, carb clean, and 2 oil changes later, all is fine.

  4. i was watching you working on a B & S engine and the number 31Q777 is what i have it is a vertical 18.5 hp, and the old engine went down, so we got this engine, however, we have tried just about everything, and it still is out of time. we have great compression, so that's not it. the cam and crank were not lined up and when putting them in line with each other, the piston will not be TDC, can you tell me how to fix problem thank you jayne

  5. Just re-lapped my valves on mine and it started smooth and quiet again. Just like it was new again. It was eating batteries like crazy. I am amazed that the valve lash could restrict the gas flow enough to raise the compression so that the starter could not turn the engine over enough to get the spark to catch and fire.

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