27 thoughts on “Lawn Tractor Starter Gear Repair with Briggs & Stratton Engine

  1. My starter won't disengage out of the fly wheel,I have a new egnition switch,solinoid,new starter,& new battery.It starts but starter won't disengage.Someone said replace clutch bearings on top of engine,(haven't tried that yet),any ideas ? its a 12 hp briggs engine,an older one back in the mid 80's

  2. That was one of the best instructive videos I have ever seen. Clear voice, spoken slowly and covering all aspects of the project. Well done. ***

  3. I have a cub cadet i1040 lawn tractor and my starter will not run, I took it off and wired it up so I could test it and it would not run, would you say it needs to be replaced?

  4. Great video upload. What is the name of the plastic piece you replaced with an aluminum piece? I don't remember or did not hear in your monologue if you mentioned the name. Where to purchase the gear for a 19.5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine 12 volt starter? A million thanks for your response. David in Conyers Ga.

  5. Best instructional video I've ever watched!! Love your Canadian accent. My wife is Canadian so I,m kinda partial.

  6. mine went. i got a complete gear kit but there was no washer and my old one got chewed up. seeing as no washer was supplied,do i need it?

  7. Hello. I really appreciate your helpful videos. I rebuilt my Briggs starter following your instructions. I also changed out the solenoid, plugs, gas filter and the coil since I had everything open on the engine. This is for my 1992 Craftsman 18HP flathead. The tractor is in great shape and now it's purring like a kitten. So again I say thank you for all of your time and efforts. Keep up the great work.

  8. Have you ever worked on a simplicity sunstar 20hp mower where the fluid comes out the steering stem im having trouble finding the seals or rebuild kit can you order it also do you know who made the power steering box and tube im not finding it anywhere.If any of your viewers know who manufactured the powersteering box for a simplicity sunstar they can let me know at pauleclemonsjr@gmail.com.Any help would be helpfull if you can get the kit Id be willing to order it from your shop. thanks

  9. I am about to do this repair on my cub cadet. I was wondering before I get into it if you could specify the plastic part that broke off during the process. I have already ordered the gear itself I would just like to know that plastic piece specifically in case my luck fares no better. Great video, very in depth.

  10. donyboy73…I have a John Deere D100 riding mower.. Will the starter you demonstrated also fit my Deere D100. I cannot seem to get the starter to engage the flywheel…It cranks, sort of, even tries to start at times but will not..I have played with safety switches, valve adjustments, etc

  11. +Donyboy73 my 22HP Briggs twin vertical OHV starter gear will not go up all the way up when i apply power to the starter! it spins very fast and the gear is in great condition it just slides up about half way then instantly falls back down! do you have any advice you could give me to fix this problem?

  12. the gear on my starter motor seems to be a type of plastic which warps with the heat i just had it replaced and the new gear wore out the first day i used it,my question is do they have a metal gear for it,not sure why its chewing out the gear even after the ring gear on the engine was replaced,anyone have an answer to my problem lol?

  13. donyboy73…. I have Wizard lawnmower. The starter gear broke in half. I loved your video on replacement of the starter gear.my motor is a 16 hp Briggs. I have the same starter as shown in the video. Where d you get the replacement parts including the aluminum part in the video . Give me your number on the repair kit. Thank you Great video THANKS.

  14. I have a starter for a Kohler engine all mine is held together by a c clip. Would it be possible to use snap ring pliers or something of the sort to get that silly clip off. I have messed with it all day and have not be successful in getting it off

  15. Thanks for the video. Got the mower running again for another year. Had begun looking at new mowers and thanks to you I'm saving lots of money.

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