1. My FH641V has the carb filling with gas. To the point that it is standing in the intake. My float is good and the needle looks ok. The carb/intake only fills when being cranked not while setting. Then if it starts runs rough due to excessive fuel. Any ideas?

  2. Mower medic. Every time I get one of these carbs it has a flooding issue. Any tips on how to put them back together properly. I think I'm doing something wrong .

  3. I have a John Deere z-turn TC 717AXO 15469 with a Kawa 19 HP engine and a double barrel carb. The carb is a NIIKI the only numbers I can find on it is 4615 150037114 266-252 can someone tell me what FH # it is, such as 680v 0r 641V ect. I've spent HRS trying to locate a rebuild kit for this carb and none of my numbers match any rebuild kit UGH !

  4. I have a JDeere F525 Kawasaki engine 535CC.  Cranks but wont start, then back fires and will start.  will run great for the whole yard or will run for an hour and then stop.  sometimes wont start up sometimes starts right up.  pulled the gas line and cranked it and gas is pumping out.  doesn't seem like it is getting spark.  plug is dry and clean.  spent $600.00 at John Deere Dealer and now it wont even start.  They said it is just getting tired?  doesn't use oil, runs great when it will start.  ?  any help.

  5. Mine surges…… NOt sure what happened. Just one day while mowing. the RPM's Went up VERY high. even scene then IT surges. Up to a VERY high RPM. and would n't idle….. I finely got a NEW carb. and it's still doing it, Had a Dealer working with me. and he adjusted the Governor and we still cant get it right. it has 1700 Hours on it. the machine did go in the lake once it was totaly submerge for ABOUT 20 MINUTES. we CLEANED IT very WELL. " DEALER DID "  AND IT WAS OK….. wE WERE THINKING THE THE GOVENOR INSIDE MAY HAVE DID SOMETHING WERID but IT'S WORKING FINE. wE CANT FIGURE THIS ONE OUT. AND WHEN 1ST rev up. it wil go to a high RPM then come back down, where it belongs. But after mowing for about 10 15 minutes it will start surging again…… and it only does it at a higher RPM…… It will idle forever. Bring R's up to maybe 1500 no prob….. go to about 2000 an the surging starts….. YA can see the governor going back an forth with it…………. Thanks

  6. My 25hp Kawasaki engine is choking itself once it's started.  Seems like the choke spring is too weak.  I've had to put a piece of copper wire to hold the choke open after it's started..Have you seen that issue and have any suggestions?  Thanks,  Chris. 

  7. Hi Jeremy, i just have a trouble with a kawasaki engine 25 hp, could you please check my chanel in check it out, its y first video so you will have no problem finding it.
    hope you can let me know what is the problem with that.
    thank you!!!!

  8. They shure named it right Kawa-sucky! That is why Tecumseh Parts interchang they Sucky too! I'll never own another of either!!!! Just my Opinion Hard Parts to get

  9. Might I ask why replace the bolts? Is that incase the original screws would have possibly had a chance to back out and get sucked into the engine? Just curious thats all.

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