Lawnboy 6.5 HP Duraforce model 10324

Lawn boy model 01324. The engine has a slight surge, if anyone has any tips please leave them in the comments. thanks


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18 thoughts on “Lawnboy 6.5 HP Duraforce model 10324

  1. @BandOnTheRun87 I am not too experienced in lawn boys, but based on tearing down one engine I would say they are not. But they do seem similar to Tecumseh 2 cycle snow blower engines.

  2. might look into a set of seals for the crank that has to be at least a 2004 and prolly all original besides what you've tinkered with. you have a problem there with it being so hard to start….should be first pull and go with the choke primer combination. you're smoke issue is related to the needle valve. you replace that and you might be surprised how it runs. you are correct about the crud getting into the carb but in the end the needle valve quits working. have fun

  3. Being a Lawn-Boy dealer, I can tell you that this is definitely not a Tecumseh engine. These were produced by Toro for the Lawn-Boy line (Toro has owned Lawn-Boy since1989). They are very similar to Toro's Rtek snowthrower engine (which is also a Toro produced engine). The Lawn-Boy engine is a reed valve design, while the Rtek engine is a piston ported design. Otherwise they share many common parts.

  4. Correct, thank you for clearing the air. I dont know why people think they are tecumseh. Lawnboy engines are very good but what really separates a Tecumseh design is their use of bad carburetors, while lawnboy used walbro carbs, which were a bit better against corrosion, but tend to leak alot.

  5. Much like a I/C briggs and stratton motor it is up to their own "commercial" standards. They are indeed very good motors, yet they have plastic carbs. This motor is perhaps one of the strongest you can get in a push mower. To directly answer you're question, no. They however do have a commercial line that is not so aerodynamic looking with a large gas tank on the back for extended run times. Also this deck is made of steel, and rusts. The commercial decks are/were aluminum or magnesium no rust.

  6. Many have stated you can drop in a Briggs jet to fix this, when it is actually not the right way to fix the problem. The issue is caused by a clogged idler jet and causes surging. They do hide the idler jet behind a sticker on the side of the carb. this should be accessable from the side of the carb without needing to remove the carb. Remove the jet and clean it. this has solved the issue for each surging duraforce I've come across.

    Let me know if this helps, thumbs up!

  7. ok I have seen the commercial ones and they are nice but I have two dura forces and they ARE very powerful but thank you that's all I wanted to know

  8. also, the motor is pretty much identical between the "home commercial" and the real commercial with the aluminum deck, just the engine shroud is different. Both 6.5hp beasts.

  9. Hargak – my 10323 has the same problem with surging then dies. Do you have the details on how to locate the idler jet, removing it cleaning it or doing whatever I need to get the engine to run. The mower is in great shape with the exception of the surging/dying problem. thanks

  10. Sounds like you need to clean the entire carb and check that fuel is dumping in the bowl steadily as well. Google clean duraforce carb. The idler jet is under the only sticker on the carb. Use your fingernail to feel the hole beneath it. But like I said, if yours dies completely you may have a clog. Pull the fuel line first and make sure flow is there, then check the float pin seat.

  11. Not tecumseh. The only tecumseh motor installed on a lawnboy was a four stroke. Those are crummy in power comparison as well.

  12. Thanks Hargak – is the idler jet also considered the "pilot" jet (Lawn Boy pn 98-7041 PILOT-JET 37.5)
    It will start fine, maybe run 3~6sec and then surges and then starts to die. IF the engine is cool it will run a little longer before it dies. What do you recommend to clean the carb that would damage the plastics.
    Again, thanks. If you want to email me directly to my gmail account please let me know. Tom

  13. sounds like you may have other problems, start with pulling the jet out, use a twist tie from a loaf of bread, peel back the plastic till all you have is a little wire and poke through all the small holes (including the horizontal holes. I use vinegar to soak my carbs. vinegar will take the scale and remove it. but first use the tie.

  14. Its called "lean surge" Common problem with Duraforce engines. It can be cured with a new pilot jet and drilling out the main jet.

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