Lawnmower has a clanking noise. Is it rod knock?

This free mower seemed like a lucky pick but unfortunately it seems to be keeping a nasty secret too. There is a very slight clanking sound while its running. Let’s take it apart and see what’s going on inside. Thanks for watching this video and if you like this one please check out my other videos as well.



29 thoughts on “Lawnmower has a clanking noise. Is it rod knock?

  1. That motor had excessive wear, but I don't think that sound was a rod. It sounded like an air leak – head or exhaust. The rpm was fluctuating up and down and the noise was dependent on that. I would have liked to see a more complete teardown.

  2. If you could chase a conrod up for it & the crankshaft journal is still o.k. then you could fix that motor very easily,you may as well throw a new set of piston rings in then.

    I know that the silver particles came out of my 3hp.Briggs and Stratton lawnmower engine when I did the oil change a couple of weekends ago but that was after I ran the engine in which has new piston rings fitted !

  3. Hey boss my mower started up great but after 5 mins of running stoped and would not start but just made this knocking sound! Is that the same thing as rod knock?

  4. Another great video, thanks for showing the internal damage. I just had to give a friend the same news earlier this summer. He asked me to tune up his 1978 John Deere push mower with a Briggs 9200 series engine on it. When it finally started up the sharp metallic knock was so loud you couldn't even stand next to it without ear protection. I told him to go ahead and run it until the rod came through the block, it's not worth the price of a spark plug and there's no sense in changing the oil. The cheap deck isn't worth an engine swap either, straight to the curb!

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge. if possible, when showing 'wear' on a part like the rod cap, please show an example of a good one and one with uneven wear, along with the excessively worn one. Also I CAN'T 'see why the mower is making a clanking noise ….' I can see the 'slop' but how does that create the noise and the problem? What is the tool that you are using to remove the adapter from the crank? Also , are there other reasons why it might be making that noise? I'm not meaning to be critical – just curious. Thumps up and I'll check out the others.

  6. My push mower, a Troy build only 2 years old. Makes a clicking noise when it starts up and slows down does not make a noise when it's up to speed

  7. …stupid question from the fat guy in back….I own this same mower… big surprise… it clanks when it starts, rattles when it runs… cuts like a demon… so could one just invest in a new rod with bearing and cap… to snug up things and keep on cutting?… or Option #2 running it till it dies?… use mine as a trim mower after Big Mow does her thing…. Dave

  8. I have a model like yours that we bought over 10 years ago. The mower runs like crap but still runs strong. Oil flies out of the air filter. It blows smoke half the time. Ran some old 2 stroke fuel through it. I did a tune up last year and threw a new air filter on it. New oil (the old oil came out silver and chunky). New blade so instead of being a 16” it’s back to 22”. It still has the original spark plug in it. I have been running it with a rod knock for 3 years now. It might last another 1-2 years.

  9. I also have a tip trick to remove the blade adaptor. Put the right size shallow socket on the bolt. Where the ratchet wrench would normally go, that square hole will keep the gear/flywheel puller from jumping off. Great video,just revisiting.πŸ‘

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