LAWNMOWER REPAIR: briggs and stratton pulsa prime carb overhaul

here is the kit i used to repair this carb buy it here today!

how to diagnose and rebuild the pulsa prime briggs and stratton carburetor



34 thoughts on “LAWNMOWER REPAIR: briggs and stratton pulsa prime carb overhaul

  1. Thanks for posting this! I went ahead and bought a new carb for $25 since my MTD mower is several years old and was surging. Your video showed how simple disassemby/assembly was. I used your pinch trick to get the rubber elbow back on. Only thing I started to do wrong was have the rubber and fiber washers reversed. Fortunately, I caught my mistake and changed the fiber to be against the carb base and then the rubber against the tank. Started right up and runs great!

  2. Thanks for the video. I had my son take it apart today and replaced the diaphragm and cleaned it as you said (his first time with this type of repair) and ours is now running great! Thanks again!

  3. i have an engine exactly that one but the fuel is leaking and spilling out of the bottom near the blades what could be wrong can you help! thanks

  4. Great job! I had a mower that was barely running, watched your video and then was able to go out and take off the carb and get it working. It was really that easy! When you said a 1/2 and 3/8 nut, that is exactly what it was, 5 screws to hold the carb to the gas tank and that is what it was, literally one of the few times the instructions matched realit!. $21 in materials and I have a perfectly good mower again, probably going to last me another 10 years.

  5. I tried to clean my carb up today… but, now I realize I must have done it wrong and I bet, there is gas sitting in my carburetor "bowl?) right now… ugh… Soooo… there is always a bolt on the bottom of the B&S carbs for the mowers? Don't have to take the whole carb out unless it needs to be replaced/rebuilt?

  6. if u want to clean the carb take it completey off take the nut off the bottom of carb if you're useing carb cleaner spray alittle bit of the outside of the carb all around then unscrew that nut at the bottom and if gas is in there i would think its clogged spray carb cleaner inside when u take off cap and a plastic piece is inside there when you take off the cap there will be a pin holding the plastic piece take the pin out and spray in the carb and spray all the wholes that are inside the carb

  7. It started for just a bit and I was able to cut lawn for about twenty minutes… I consider myself lucky…but; when It wouldn't start again, I took off, and saw the leak? stated above…am I in over my head, or do you think you can guide me through this?
    Really REALLY appreciate it, whether you can or not… this is good.

  8. I had my two teenage boys watch this then went out & stood back to coach while they took the carb off, cleaned it & put it back together. It was still dying & then I pointed out they forgot to replace the spark pulg. Now its running like a charm. Excellent tutorial! Side Note: with that spray carb cleaner make sure everyone is wearing safety glasses! Thanks!

  9. what do u do if that screen wont come off that jet? First one I ever encountered yesterday which is actually firmly stuck on…this is a 3.75 sprint all identical looking parts to yours here, plastic air-cleaner etc..this fuel tank came to me somehow with 1/3 fuel sitting atop 2/3 water, Ive gotten it started , primer button works ok, but it seems to have no more revs or power above about half-throttle..seems to be hunting/surging around a lot too…

  10. That pulsing noice it was making right at 1:452:00  Is what my lawnmower does!!

    Mine does prime using the primer valve, no problem but that surging is annoying.  Thank you for the video!  I'm ordering a completely new carb/gasket set to replace… 

    What's the average life of this carb?  I've had the same carb on the lawn mower for 5 years now….


  11. Great video; easy to follow and understand.  I think I did everything you showed in your video; cleaned everything and replaced the diaphragm and gasket but my engine still doesn't run.  I have 2 issues; First, the primer won't squirt gas; Second when I squirt some carburetor cleaner into the carburetor and start the engine, the engine runs until the carburetor cleaner is gone and then dies.  It won't draw gas from the gas tank.  I inspected the gas cap and it is not plugged.  Any additional advice would be greatly appreciated.

  12. This is an excellent video. I have done all the steps and my mower works. I don't understand how the governing apparatus works. And no mention was made of the importance of the spring above the diaphragm. 

  13. Is it me or is George W Bush narrating ??
    got a giggle out it when I realized the similarity.
    I wondered what he does every day in Nowhere, TX — ;>))

  14. Thanks for the video, Jeremy. 
    My lawn mower was still surging after I performed a tune up (new spark plug, new air filter, oil change and fresh gas with B12 Chemtool added), but to no avail.  After trying all of that, I finally decided I'd go the route of disassembling the carburetor and giving it a thorough cleaning as detailed in your video and voila!, my lawn mower is back to working like new again.  I can now go and return the new lawn mower I bought from Lowe's 5 days before I decided to try to fix the old one.  Thanks again.

  15. I know this is an older video, but, thank you so much!!! Good cleaning, new diaphragm and gasket, and my old Bolens mower with briggs and stratton motor has risen like the proverbial phoenix after sitting in my garage for almost three years! I think it cuts better than when new!
    Thank you again for this excellent tutorial!

  16. I see everyone here has expressed heartfelt thanks for the video you posted and I feel obligated to do the same. Honestly, I would have been lost without this. Thank you for your time and effort in posting this video.

  17. Nice Video. My mower had those rough running symptoms but was priming OK. I followed your video and it works fine now. Best of all it was only about 5 dollars. So thank you from the sunny south of France – guess I had better go mow the lawn now….

  18. You're wonderful! Took old mower apart today won't prime or run. Cleaned it all up. Now I know what I need to do to get it running. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.

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