30 thoughts on “Lawnmower repair – Briggs and Stratton Valve Seat

  1. I just got inside from mowing the lawn today with this mower – it still starts first pull and runs perfectly. The handle broke off this spring soI had to weld that back on, and the wheel drive system is wearing out now too. But at least the engine still runs! For now…

  2. sin say teac her and mi bro, down aint or n.  u fucked up, the rocker heads may need less dick more shun ten dat iz. p and all of dem s'ssssssss Thank Utube. 

  3. .005"-.007" on the intake valve. .009"-.011" on the exhaust side. If the valve seat ever fails again, pien it ALL the way around, much better chance of it never failing again. One thing I noticed is 89 octane or higher burns much cleaner in these engines and they run quite a bit cooler as well.

  4. I have a 1991 Ariens looks like yours except mine is not self-propelled. Can't get myself to throw it away, not when I can see the valve-seat shifted thru the spark plug hole. Anyhow there is a replacement engine from Briggs.

  5. Good job. Any updates on the engine? The only things I would recommend is peening the seat 100% all the way around instead of just in a few places. You should try to grind the valve stems to get about .006 thousandths clearance on the intake valve and around 12 thousandths on the exhaust. (looser is better than tighter). The valves will almost always wear tighter in clearance because of valve seat wear and you'll burn those valves running them as tight as they are. The head bolts get about 140 inch pounds of torque or about 12 to 13 lb. feet. It is absolutely OK to reuse the head gasket if it isn't damaged with a little sealer on it. 

  6. Hey thanks for the video. Mine lost compression last season and I'm going to take it apart and see if it has the same issue as yours.  Thanks again.

  7. Awesome video.  I have a 6.75 Biggs and Stratton on a pressure washer that lost compression.  Your video was clear.  Found the same problem… easy fix.  Saved me from buying a new motor.  THANKS !!!!

  8. If someone would have bought that engine to my shop I would of replaced both valve seats and valves there is no clearance between the valve and lifter what you did was a great job for a first timer couple mistakes but I hope the engine started

  9. disculpame me gustaria que me mandes un video en español para regular valvulas porque no entendi nada y necesito arreglar mi maquina ok gracias

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