17 thoughts on “LAWNMOWER REPAIR: engine pulley removal

  1. dude thank you so much! just could not figure it out and this worked great. sacrificed a cheap 1/4 extension, but of course worth it. needed some heat for mine. 1988 Toro rear bagger with 4hp Tecumseh.

  2. I never even used my air hammer before! This worked in less than 2 minutes, it came off like butter! Thanks Dude! You saved me 2 hours of my life!

  3. Is it the vibration that helps the pulley off?do you need to dog down the pulley so it won't turn when you start impacting?

  4. It worked !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You, I am replacing the bottom crank case gasket on a 23 HP Kawasaki tractor motor, The drive pulley was very stubborn and in fact I destroyed a pulley 2 years ago when doing this to my other tractor motor, So I dreaded it this time and kept putting this off. Saw your video last night and with a pry bar wedged between the pulley and crankcase and a 10 second burst of my impact wrench inserted into the socket end of a 1/4 inch extension and the other end inserted into the bolt hole  of the crank shaft off it came easy peeze

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