7 thoughts on “LAWNMOWER REPAIR: robin, subaru carburetor cleaning and tune-up

  1. I have a Dewalt pressure washer with a Subaru/Robin EX series engine. The engine will start fine and run, but once hot dies. Then you can immediately restart, it will run about 2-3 minutes, then die again…. repeating the same steps. Do you think there is a block in the carb causing it to die out, or maybe a plug issue? I see in the manual there is an oil sensor, are these common issues for this engine?

  2. I have an subaru 6.5 HP EX17 have took apart and cleaned with carb cleaner and still not working.  run for 1 minute and dies.  It won't throttle up fast.  What should I do?

  3. Good video. You just saved me from having to buy a new generator because after Isaac mine won't fire up, and I can't wait for a repair shop to open!

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