1. Well, mine has lasted for 11 seasons now. The only maintenance I've done is oil change and blade sharpening/replacement. After 11 years of hard use the carburetor started flooding so I fixed it with rebuilt kit for $17. I also changed out the rear wheels due to tread issues. Hopefully it gets me through another 4 years.

  2. My Toro lawnmower is making the exact same noise! I've seen some videos whereby folks rebuild the transmission but you said this is not the case with this model and I have to get a new transmission. No offense, but are you sure?

  3. you can rebuild them….infact ive done several but by the time you replace the parts that need to be replaced you could just buy a new trans for the same money

    radial bearing 12.00
    pinion 10.00
    ring gear 30.00
    shaft bushings 6.00
    loc-nut 2.00
    total 60.00 plus labor of 1-1.5 labor

    new transmission is 52.00 plus 30-45 min labor 1hr max

  4. Hey Jeremy, great video…one question: I have a toro recycler 6.5 hp and its does a loud noise when i engage the self propelled. When I opened the transmission, within the black goo stuff a warped shaped metal black ring fell out. Any idea what that means? In addition, the transmission pulley spins when the belt engages. Your thoughts? Thanks in advance for your help!!!

  5. I have a 1988 Toro walk behind mower and have owned since new-It semes to slip in all gears.If I help push it it is fine but used to pull you across the yard- what is going on? It is a 3 speed trans

  6. I just did mine if it is loose like that  take  the four bolts off the bottom if the gears our ok then take the pully off and go to napa and get  a BEARING FOR FIVE DOLLERS AND REPLACE THAT

  7. You are very WRONG HERE!! The Transmission is rebuildable and the parts for the most part are cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another reason why I wouldn't take it to a WANNA BE Repair center!!!!

  8. My Personal Pace 22" Toro Recycler model # 20031 (a model made in 2004) is ten years old today and starts on the first pull, cuts grass like new, and looks fine too.  I only run 100% gas- no ethanol, I change the oil and sharpen the blade every spring, and have yet to need to change the transmission, the belt, or the wheels.  It helps that I have done this since it was new.  Don't fold the handle since it will kink the cable, and don't splash water on the underside as it will remove lubrication.  I forget that it has electric start because it starts on the first half of the first pull- every time.  Here is to another 10 years!

  9. I have a question regarding a Troybilt self propelled lawn mower.  I just replaced the transmission and now it will not self propel at all anymore.  The belt is new, the transmission is new and the rear wheels are all new.  I have two identical lawn mowers of exactly the same model.  Without the engine running I engage the drive mechanism and I cannot pull it backward but I can push it forward of the one I did not change the transmission on.  The one that I did change the transmission on, I do the same thing, I engage the drive mechanism but this time I can pull it backward but I cannot push it forward.   Does this make any sense?  I cannot figure that one out. Thanks.

  10. Steven, regarding your Troy-bilt issue you put the spur gears on backwards. Your spur gears are the little metal gears on the ends of the drive axle that come in contact with the plastic wheels to make them spin. If you switch them your mower will self propel just fine. I see people put those on backwards all the time.

  11. My Toro GTS 22 195cc is about 11 years old, never a problem until today, the transmission wont unlock to roll easy when shut down, what could this be? I should add that when I start it, it does engage well but when shut down the front wheels don't want to roll.. I would appreciate some trouble shooting tips. thanks

  12. My toro personal pace lawnmower engages forward when I pull up on the bar instead of pushing down, I changed the belt and this happened…. can you help?

  13. When I squeeze the ingage bar to make the front wheels turn they wont,but when I squeeze the bar down just a little bit the wheels turn but not in full ingage..Any suggestions

  14. I have a 2010 Personal Pace Model 20332 mower that looks the same as the one in this video.  It works but sometimes there's some crunching sounds in reverse.  I'd like to look inside the transmission to see if there's any lubrication.  I removed the screws from the transmission case and was hoping that the two halves of the case could then be removed, but the case halves seemed to be stuck together.  I tried putting a flat screwdriver in there but stopped when it looked like I might damage the case.

    How do you get case apart?

  15. How many times have you repaired toro transmissions like that one?  I replaced the bearing in a transmission just like that one on a personal pace toro and sold the mower but the buyer said he used it 3 times and the self propel went out.

  16. the problem lies in the cheap ass pinion bearing that's made in china. its engineered to fail and causes unacceptable tolerances in the gear and pinion. they use a 6203 rs bearing. Problem is you usually catch the problem when its too late and the teeth in the pinion and gear have been chewed up. That's when you need to replace the transmission

  17. Still waiting for him to "repair" the transmission. And, by the way, each and every part in this transmission was made in China. Now their engines (Kohler) are made in China. Everything is made in China. Hopefully, the slave labor that makes Toro's stuff in China are given better raw materials and are beaten a little harder to keep the quality a little above China average (like Honda's made in China materials).

  18. What parts do I likely need to replace if only one of my wheels occasionally locks up when pulling backward? The mower works fine moving forward. The gears on my rear wheels look OK and seem to turn fine when raised off the ground. With weight on them they seem to want to lock up. I have a 2010 model 20332. Thanks.

  19. Total parts $100 Total Labor $100 approx. Is that mower worth fixing at this rate? What does that homeowner special cost new? Because the mower appears fairly new and if it has failed this early outside of daily conmercial use then one may end up footing the bill on this repair over and over again…

  20. Jeremy, I have one of these mowers. The transmission is stuck in full speed. I feel like Im walking an untrained dog every time I mow. Any suggestions for me? Replace transmission?

  21. Jeremy:I have a Toro personal pace mower, 20332.  Engine runs fine.  I started experiencing the same noise you had in this video and concluded the transmission needed to be replaced.  So I did that task.  Not too long after replacing the transmission the same noise came back.  So.., for lack of other options I replaced the transmission again.  I contacted the shop where I purchased the part and explained my situation.  Fortunately, they replaced the part at no cost and I installed it.  So now.., about a year later I am experiencing the same noise.  How can these transmission go out so quickly?  (BTW, I also replaced the belt and pulley as well.)Any suggestions?  Should I replace the transmission once again?

  22. Hi Jeremy, Thanks for the video…I just replaced the belt on the from wheel drive of my Craftsman mower….I started the mower and tried it out,,,,,Sadly the wheels spin when the drive is engaged, BUT when I put the wheels in contact with the ground, the wheels stop spinning. I can see the belt is spinning and the transmission shaft is spinning, but there doesnt seem to be enough power to propel the mower! Any suggestions ? Thanks D

  23. My Toro M#20339 front self propel Smart Stow was pulling fast when new.  Over last 2 yrs mowing 10 small lawns per week, it is slower than when new.  I put a new belt, new drive cable, new front wheels.  No change.  Is it likely that as transmission issues develop, the self propel speed gradually slows, then fails?  I'm willing to put $50 for new trans, but as the years go on, I wouldnt do it again as the machinge components will be older/worn.  Both pulleys are good, thanks for your advice on them.  I've lubed with Silicon everywhere except inside or around the transmission.  Does & Why does the trans slow down as its components wear?  A mechanic at a good repair shop said the trans isn't the cause, b/c they either fail/dont work, or they are good.  He also said it may be my perception of the speed, which is BullS.  When new, I had to walk quickly to keep up with it, now I have to walk slower, & when I push it to go faster than it is pulling me, I feel resistance.  Why the resistance to going faster?  The trans?  Maybe the trans gears are fine up to a certain speed, then they might be slipping when it tries to go faster?  Maybe they are wearing down.  Any ideas?

  24. Like he shows us that trans is toast. Too much slop from the wear and tear of usage. I echo what he said, new belt, trans and engine pulley. Good as new then.

  25. I had a feeling my transmission was shot after replacing the belt but your video confirmed it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Thanks for the useful video.

  26. Is it possible to install the transmission on backwards? I inherited 20017 model and the wheel goes in reverse when self propelled is engaged. TY in advance.

  27. Exactly what is wrong with my Toro, I can't complain however as it's been a great mower & has lasted 16 years without any problems! Got mine ordered. TY for this video,

  28. I have a Toro GTs 193cc mower. The transmission works fine, but the right front drive wheel is flopping around somewhat like a bolt is loose. I removed the wheel, but couldn't determine what the problem is. Can any of you help? Thanks

  29. I’ve had my Toro recycler lawn mower for years now, and it still runs/cuts like a champ.
    I’m currently having transmission problems. I don’t want to replace it; I just want it disengaged completely. The cable is disconnected from handle and the belt is off. While I’m cutting grass, sometimes the wheels will lock up temporarily then eventually start turning freely as I keep mowing.
    I have no interest in repairing transmission…I just want the wheels to stop locking up while I’m mowing. Any ideas?

  30. I have a question about my toro personal pace mower. I replaced the belt and now it has a mind of its own and wants to go in top speed and it won't allow me to back up

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