Let's Talk About: Common Lawnmower and Engine noises and sounds

This video will cover some of the most common noises and sounds that people ask me about. Some noises and sounds are okay, while others need to be addressed ASAP.
Please post your comments and questions.

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16 thoughts on “Let's Talk About: Common Lawnmower and Engine noises and sounds

  1. My riding lawn mower died…figured it was the battery, I got a new one,engine still wouldn’t start…engine seized…drained all the oil,took spark plug out,sprayed lubricant in the spark plug hole, spent a day and a half doing that,flywheel? On top of engine began to move when manually turned,sprayed it down more…filled with oil,put plug back in,tried starting it,it cranked over and was running. I went to turn it off,key wasn’t working,before I could get to the wire that wasn’t connected the mower made a very loud bang noise and shut off. Now when I try to start it it turns over,whole mower shimmys but won’t start and run…mower is now toast?

  2. Amy advice: I have a nearly new self-propelled mower, it started making a rattling noise rather suddenly while mowing. Even when of, when I manually rotate the blade I can hear slow rattles from inside the engine area, not in the underside. It's a sharp rattle, like nails rattling inside a metal box, not a dull clunk.

  3. I’m curious why are lawn mowers so Loud? Main reason I hate summer is having to hear neighbors mowers!,, what makes the engine so loud? Ex I drag my nails on a chalkboard and it creates a noise! So what on a lawnmower makes the loud rumble?

  4. yeah I had bad rattle it was blades loose and one blade so loose it was hitting frame the blades I have have allen key on end nut the other took them all off all I did was put plastic washer on allen key end so wahen you tighten nut other end it actually tightened blade I was amazed it worked no one told me but when you tighten tighten nut end because if you tighten allen key end will destroy plastic washer,also one blade wouldn't tighten so put 2 plastic washers it worked

  5. I have a push lawn mower that has a fast metallic sound when I push down or lift up on the mower while running.  In other words, if I raise the front wheels off the ground while running I get that sound.  If I raise the rear wheels off the ground while running, I get the same sound.  I do not get the sound when it is sitting on all four wheels.  Whats up with this?  Motor itself runs fine.

  6. rim where there the blades are the blades attached to circular steel frame the outer rim there is  a lip that's where grass accumulates cases rattling ,wobbling vibrating, if theres a lot of grass vibration will be massive

  7. Another thing that can cause engine knocking is lack of oil from being ran on a slope for too long, it starves the engine of oil. Had a mower that was 20+ years old that suffered this fate from mowing the irrigation ditch year after year for a couple years. I did it with a weed eater for many years then thought I'd use the lawn mower when the weed eater died, well it caused the mower to die as well LOL.

    A loose blade, bent blade, bent engine shaft, bad blade adapter are also common trouble knocking noises as well.

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