32 thoughts on “Linkage adjustment Evinrude 30hp

  1. I picked up a 25 evinrude.. 70s..
    I had the same issue.. takes a few times to adjust.. got it running much better. I ran out of season. it's in the house just waiting for spring.

  2. That was a "shocking video" 😋
    I just bought a boat and have been tinkering with the 25 evinrude. I found a nut under the motor…was the lock nut for the timing adjustment! I couldnt get the boat to plane when I took it out, bet this is the problem. I enjoy your videos, so thanks! I'll get on the timing next time out.

  3. 5:45 so u fully open carb when ur throttle cable is not tensioned. and when u turn throttle handle carb cannot open any further and then u have full power all the time. Or am i missing something ?

  4. At 3:10 when you slide the throttle handle it seems to have locked in quite nicely. Mine refuses to pop onto the 2 round clups. Any hints as to why?

    Glad the rooster is gone by the way 😀

  5. Enjoy your videos.Always a big help.I do have a question on the carb.On top next the Welch plug there are what appear to be a lead bead type plug.Mine is loose on my 20hp and appears maybe the top round part of the drop of solder or lead came off and I removed my idle screw and what is left in that hole moves around,but when I put idle screw back in it tightened up but may not be air tight.Could this cause too much air to get in there if it is not sealed anymore?I am having an issue where the motor starts and it will not increase in rpms right away.Have to let it sit running for a minute till the rpms will throttle up.Any ides?thanks

  6. Nice video great information thank you so much. I subscribed can’t believe you don’t have that many yet, but you will keep it going thanks again.

  7. I have a 1985 Evinrude 30 horsepower and it's up in the high altitudes of New Mexico and I'm trying to get it to idle better so I can troll at low speeds. My mechanic told me for the high-altitude reasons to adjust the gas mixture screws could you show me where they would be at? Not the idle screw but the gas mixture control screw on the carburetor. If it's easier you can email me a diagram or a picture at Eamolina@sbcglobal.net he said I want to make it more lean.

  8. Great video. I have a question at 2:08. So with the throttle at the lowest speed setting (or stop position), that roller should be lined-up between the two notches?

  9. PS-  you mentioned that flywheel nut was not very tight during your demonstration…Running the engine this way runs the risk of shearing the flywheel key, which damages the tapers on the crank and flywheel.

  10. Man I have the '86 35hp Johnson and I have had bogging down issues.  I have done carb rebuilds, replaced the fuel pump, lines, fittings, spark plugs, etc… I was seriously thinking about selling the motor until I stumbled across your videos.  This video and your timing video, thanks you to you the motor is running like a top.  You should really consider doing more videos for other motors because you do not give yourself enough credit.  If you are not a true mechanic then I do not know who is!

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