Listeroid 10/1 with Arduino Electronic Governor

Listeroid 10/1 Governor – I have augmented the mechanical governor on my Listeroid with an Arduino / Servo solution that quickly brings the Generator to 50hz frequency. My solution uses a 30kg torque RC Servo to replace the governor frequency adjust nut…. This is the 3rd run and I’m pretty happy with the results. Now to box it up and make it pretty!



One thought on “Listeroid 10/1 with Arduino Electronic Governor

  1. I really like your homemade governor I need to know how to do this also , I run my chu-chr " listeroid" to charge my 48v batteries and heat my house CHP, I have over 7000hrs on my chu-chr running only a Dodge alternator, I'm looking for help with, Arduino software to monitor alternator load on engine. Can you help me with this firmware ?

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