Log Splitter troubleshooting video

Adjusted valves, checked flywheel key, set timing with multimeter on points in conjunction with timing mark, put wires on proper terminals of coil (points and cond. on “-” terminal, hot wire on “+”), and swapped mufflers. also diddled with carb setting and governor spring hole. still runs like shit, shoots flames, and gets the muffler glowing.



One thought on “Log Splitter troubleshooting video

  1. Bad valves, pull the head, I bet the valve seats are burnt up and the valve stems/guides are shot. Just a thought, wont know whats truly up til you pull the head. Kohlers also have an oil slinger on the end cap of the connecting rod, its common for them to break off. If its broken off the tappets wont get oil splashed on them and the valves will wear from lack of oil. I have had similar problems.

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